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Make sure to follow Lexi here and watch her and her team compete at GRID 6 Tampa. They will be hungry!
Also scroll down to see more pictures of her and her team competing at GRID 6 Miami.

Lexi Quintana opens up about a hard moment in GRID 6 Miami

Lexi Quintana is amazing. People twice her age (she’s 20) rarely exhibit the drive, leadership and mental fortitude that she does.

In this interview, she was open about a very difficult moment she experienced while competing in GRID 6 MIA. It’s the kind of moment that any team sport player fears.

How she handled herself after this moment, is what sets her apart. It’s what makes her well positioned to dominate anything she chooses to do in life. Her team’s response showed a real team mentality. It exemplifies the value of true team sports.

Adversity does not divide a true team. It brings it closer together. It will use adversity to grow stronger together and be better positioned to win.

We are grateful to have Lexi and her team a continued part of our community. They are returning to take what slipped through their fingers in Miami. The AA title of GRID 6 Tampa.

Posted by FGL – Florida Grid League on Friday, March 24, 2017


Make sure to follow Lexi here and watch her and her team compete at GRID 6 Tampa. They will be hungry!


Rick Copley participated in the first ever GRID 6 in Fort Myers on the AA division. Rick also runs a podcast and wellness website dedicated to helping people transition to or enrich a lifestyle of fitness. As he describes it:

My mission is to help you get on, and stay on, your Fit Life journey.

While GRID is designed as a game and sport that is fun to play and watch, and not about developing fitness, it can still be an integral part of someone’s fitness lifestyle. It has a dimension of fitness that is important: “FUN”. The more you have fun with your fitness, the more you are inspired to maintain it. In addition, watching others do amazing and exciting things within their levels of fitness is always an inspirational and enjoyable experience.

In this interview, Rick and League Commissioner Mather Wiswall get into this discussion as well as some of the following topics:

  • The origins of the sport
  • The definitions, futures, and how to get involved in the different levels of the sport (NPGL, FGL Season, GRID 6)
  • Rick’s experience playing GRID 6 himself
  • How playing GRID can be a transformative experience
  • How GRID could impact society beyond just a normal team sport

Go to Rick Copley’s website here or his Facebook here and follow him for more great content!

Listen to the interview below:


To accommodate rapid growth, the FGL is making several key hires over the coming months. The next hire to announce is Kimberly Suarez as Director of Events for the North Florida region.  

Kimberly comes from an eclectic background of coaching, gym management, and in the insurance field, but what got her interested in the FGL was playing on team ‘Murica in GRID 6 Fort Myers.  She says “it was so much fun, I couldn’t stop talking about it after I got home – I knew I wanted GRID 6 and the FGL to be a part of my life in whatever way they needed me.”  She reached out to FGL Operators to see what was needed, and the relationship grew from there.  

Here is an interview of her story related to GRID and the FGL.


Her statement at the end sums up the positive power of this sport.

Posted by FGL – Florida Grid League on Thursday, November 3, 2016


LEARN MORE ABOUT GRID 6 HERE and the Standards of the event here.

Director of Operations Ruby George is excited to bring another detailed event planner on the Operations team, especially someone with Kim’s experience.  “When I first talked to Kim about the possibility of working for us I asked her what her process was for registration at an event she had planned, the Battle of the Boxes.”  After hearing about Kim’s standards for quality, ease for the athletes, and the system that she implemented, Ruby knew the two would be good match to work together.  “Kim clearly cares deeply about providing excellent experiences through systems and management, which fits with the FGL mission perfectly.”  

Kim’s first major role with the FGL will be to act as Event Planner and Day of Coordinator for GRID 6 Tampa presented by Valor Fitness.  Kim is looking forward to the event due to her positive previous working experience with Valor, and the chance to show her own community what GRID is all about.  “I’ve been talking about how fun the sport is for months, so I really can’t wait for everyone in my gym to experience it first hand!” Kim states.   

Interested in working on Kim’s event management team?  Apply Here.  

GRID 6 coming to Tampa  

The Florida Grid League is holding their 3rd GRID 6 Series event in Tampa, Florida on May 20th, 2017.  The event is presented by Valor Fitness who will host GRID 6 Tampa in their facility and showroom location.  

Learn more about GRID 6 here. 


Register for GRID 6 Tampa now.

The one day event will feature teams of 3 divisions racing head to head in several races throughout the day, with the top two teams in each division moving on to the finale, The Sprint Relay to declare the overall winner of each division.  

After attending two competitions in the Tampa area over the past 6 months, Commissioner of the FGL Mather Wiswall says “I’ve seen first hand how great the athletic base in Tampa is, and there are several teams I think are going to kill it in this GRID 6 that we haven’t seen play yet.  I’m very excited to officially bring the opportunity to play GRID to this area of Florida.”  

The Valor fitness location will hold a limited number of teams and spectators, unlike other GRID 6 events, all divisions will be playing on the same, single day.  “We have a lot of exciting things happening with the FGL right now including the FGL Season and a TBA event later in the year, and felt that keeping this GRID 6 a more low key, exclusive event would be the best fit for the situation. We do expect to sell out. ”  

FGL Newsletter subscribers get first access to VIP pricing for GRID 6 Tampa – to sign up for this and other special offers click here.  

Premium event sponsors of  GRID 6 Tampa are:


The GRID 6 series consists of competition style, head to head GRID racing with teams of 3 men and 3 women.  Previous GRID 6 locations include GRID 6 Fort Myers and GRID 6 Miami.

You might assume, by the headline and common assumptions these days, we are here to bash CrossFit.


We love CrossFit. Everyone that works for us does it regularly, and most participate in the Open, watch the Games, and spread the good word of CrossFit and what it stands for all the time. GRID is not an alternative to CrossFit. It’s a separate category. It is an opportunity to take the tremendously valuable aspects of what CrossFit provides, and do something different with it. It allows you to play a game with your strengths and have fun with your fitness. It creates another reason TO CrossFit.

CrossFit, by their own definition: “CrossFit is a fitness regimen … specifically designed to improve fitness and health”. They also describe it as a “lifestyle”. It’s effects are “measured” via incremental workouts (tests) where the progress in results in these workouts/tests reflects progress in fitness. Performance in these workouts has been turned into a competition and that is how we would describe the basis to find the “Fittest on Earth” (the CrossFit Games) and most any other fitness competition that CrossFitters typically sign up for. This concept is AWESOME, and we believe, will span the test of time because it fits the same type of criteria that supports the Olympics, which has existed for thousands of years (with a short hietus).

That said, let’s compare some of the goals and aspects of GRID as a competition format.

The goal of GRID is to have fun and be entertained. Right off the bat. Whether you are playing GRID, or watching it… the concept is, as with other team sports like football or baseball, to enjoy all facets of it. A very different goal than CrossFit. People developed team sports to be fun to play first…. GRID follows this concept. It’s a game. It’s a team sport that utilizes a combined effort of individual strengths requiring strategy and team camaraderie. It also does so in a way that is less physically taxing. Lets break it down.

Here is where we get into the science.

DISCLAIMER: The following claims are not actually based off of any polls or studies. In fact they are just made up based on our observations and other generalities. This actually means it’s not science at all. (oops) We do feel, however, it would be hard to argue against the general thought process of each “claim” if you have working knowledge of whats being stated. If you would like to argue, please feel free!

So we feel, generally speaking, to enjoy doing something you are usually pretty good at it. Think of your favorite activities and why you like them. Therefore, if the goal is having fun, we should get rid of this whole dealing with weaknesses part.

“It is far more lucrative and fun to leverage your strengths than to fix all the chinks in your armor”

– Tim Ferriss

To really be considered “fit”, or perform well at a typical fitness competition,  you must be well rounded and at least decent at ALL facets of the fitness. This is great inspiration to “attack your weaknesses”, something we can all benefit from. It’s also great inspiration to be more overall physically fit and maximize the effects of your training in other aspects of life. Here is the problem… its not fun to publicly attack your weaknesses or to not perform well because of them. The results of working on weaknesses are fun, the progress is fun, the feeling of accomplishment is fun… but the act of doing it is a humbling and often painful experience. It’s the effects and the feeling afterward that generate the positive association. If you want to go out and compete and showcase what you have built, weaknesses (often out of your control) can put a big damper on the drive to compete, or the ability of someone to perform well in a typical fitness competition.

To confirm this, we took a poll of no one and asked who whether they prefer to compete with their strengths or weaknesses. The results are clear.


So lets think about some generalities regarding ability in fitness. Given there is a full range of body types, athletic backgrounds, genetic capabilities, and other smaller variables in people, the percentage of people that have the ideal characteristics to be good at all dimensions of fitness is small. Common sense. It’s hard to be a great fitness athlete, thats part of what make the great athletes so amazing. It also means that the strengths of people will vary a lot. Here are some rough categories that one could say people might fall into as their optimal type of workout.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 2.55.24 PM

Chances are, you fit into one or two of these categories and its not the top 10% of everything. It’s a pure numbers game. Most people will not be good at everything. Because GRID teams utilize specialists in addition to well rounded athletes, the specialties shown in blue are inherently optimal for GRID. This means a much higher percentage of people can be using their strengths, and having fun in competition. While the red strengths aren’t inherently optimal for GRID, we have seen many athletes that would claim them as their primary strength love GRID as well. This can be because they have other strengths that dip into other blue categories, or really appreciate one of the other following factors not strictly related to physical ability.

Given that a good box is built on community, and that most of us have seen the benefits of team sports growing up, it makes sense that most people would prefer to compete with friends/teammates, than alone. People who prefer to compete alone generally are really good (the top small percentage) or don’t play well with others. To re-enforce this, we polled 1,000 unicorns and here are the results:


Few things on earth can replicate the experience of playing your role on a team and winning or losing together. It’s why team sports is such an engrained part of our society as the rewards are highly valuable, and translate into many other aspects of life. Our ambassador Nicole Capurso explains this concept well in this article. 

Finally, a good fitness test includes longer time domain workouts as an important dimension of fitness. As we all know, these are the ones that suck the most as well as take the most physical toll. Since one GRID player will not typically be performing for longer than 30 seconds at a time, the physical toll is often much less and we have gotten feedback as such from our GRID 6 Series events thus far. Less toll = less recovery. We again, did not take a poll, and here are the results.


The main point is two things:

  1. The primary goal of GRID is a fun, rewarding and entertaining experience, not to test fitness
  2. The sport appeals to a much larger percentage of humans as a competition format

There are MANY other factors as to why GRID is great, but these are two basic ones that people often confuse and we spend a lot of time clarifying. Thus the inspiration to write this non article.

What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? Comment below.

If you have interest in playing GRID yourself, start here with GRID 6. Its for all fitness levels.

Here are some more thoughts on how approaching GRID is different than a typical fitness competition. 


How many families can say they have competed together in organized team sports? Not many, but the Curry family shows how its done.

We caught up with Crystal Curry (the mom) to talk about her family dynamic and the experience of playing GRID 6 together. Inspiring stuff! The Currys bring a whole new meaning to #SquadGoals

— ————————-

FGL – What is a quick bio of each family member? 

Crystal –

Daughter Hannah Curry, 18, been doing crossfit for 4 years


Father Kyle Curry, 40, been doing crossfit for 4 years


Mother Crystal Curry, 39, been doing crossfit for 2 years now. I am interning to be coach at Crossfit Cape Coral.



FGL – Could you briefly describe your family dynamic?  –  

Crystal – We are a pretty active family of 4. Our 15 year old son Noah has Cerebral Palsy and is non verbal so we all try and stay strong so we can lift him. Dinner conversation usually is all about our workouts for that day. I wouldn’t say we are obsessed just dedicated


FGL – How were you each introduced to GRID and/or GRID 6?

Crystal – Friends from our box competed (in GRID 6 Fort Myers) and it looked like a blast


FGL – (Parents) What was it like competing together on a GRID 6 team?

Crystal – All the different personalities were interesting but when it was go time we all did what needed to done and loved every second of it


FGL – What was it like competing AGAINST one another (Parents vs Child)?

Crystal – It was a really cool feeling- especially when we were racing at the same time. Of course we wanted her to do great but we also wanted to beat her  🙂

We did beat her team in at least one race- but ended up placing 4th and her team placed 3rd – it was a lot of fun. She knows now not to count the old people out 🙂


FGL – What is your favorite part about GRID?

Crystal – The speed of the races. Love how mental it gets right before you hear “race”


FGL – What have you learned from the experience of playing GRID? In general, but also about each other?

Crystal – That you can go harder and faster when it is race time.  We always do whatever it takes to get things done


FGL – Do you have any goals upcoming (athletically or otherwise) that our audience should be aware of?

Crystal – I would personally like to get stronger and compete in more RX competitions and eventually go up to the AA division next time we do a Grid 6 Competition. I would also like to be on a team with my daughter. I would love to rep for Vesl Recover the chocolate protein is yummy and I would also love to be  more involved with FlGrid league-  also would love to remove the “ intern” coach from my title at Crossfit Cape Coral – all in due time!



Follow Hannah Curry (Daughter) at @hannahlynn92498


Follow Kyle Curry (Dad) at @kylecurry0531


Follow Crystal Curry (Mom) at @curry0531





GRID races come down to seconds. There is a huge list of variables that can affect a team’s performance. As important as anything is mental performance. This page provides ideas that may help a team prepare and feel confident mentally.

We’ve also put a lot of time and effort into finding products and brands that may also help individual physical performance. We all know that proper fuel, warmup, and recovery are important to maximizing performance in competition but also in the gym every day. Any vendors that we have invited to our GRID 6 have been extensively researched on our end and we DO NOT allow just anyone to exhibit our events. We feel that the following brands have real potential to provide value to our community and therefore we put them in front of you.

A big part of our research process is hearing feedback from YOU. Try these different products out and let us know what you feel is good, or we should not allow to come back in the future. We know these brands hit our points of performance, but that is no substitution to real use feedback and we take as much as we can get.



Most of us take a protein supplement. Our Premium Supplement Partner VESL will be on hand providing samples of product as well as talking about the philosophy behind the brand. Highlights for us include no artificial colors or sweeteners, and the inclusion of multiple ingredients that are often found in separate supplements such as BCAAs, Glutamine, and D-Ribose which is a simple sugar, regenerating ATP (energy), quickly for high intensity activity such as GRID. In addition, VESL discloses ALL of their ingredients and quantities so you have the ability to know exactly what you are taking and the research behind it if you so choose.



There is no substitution for real food and Healthy Xpress will be providing high quality and delicious meals throughout the
weekend. Menu items include Mexican bowls, quinoa with veggies and meat, and plenty of healthier treats.


Pre Race Warmup


VESL also provides a pre-workout supplement that again fully discloses ingredients and contains many not often found in a single supplement. If you like a pre-workout try this quality, clean option at their booth as well.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-52-39-amAntiVenom is a product applied to the skin that encourages blood flow and muscle activation before you race, and pain relief to tight muscles after a few races. They will be providing product samples to try at their booth.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-7-27-41-amUBALL is a mobility product that can assist getting into those sticky spots while you are loosening up. You will just have to see the application to understand it, but they are partnered with AntiVenom for this event.

Competition Gearnyvywcd2

We like to work with others who have our same high standards, and it’s pretty obvious that Kinetic Collective is one of those companies just by the products they exhibit.  From holding exclusive retail rights for No Bull shoes, to local favorite Chestee, and Unbroken Designs, owner Scott takes quality seriously.  You’ll see the difference as you enter his ‘store’ at our event and check out what he has to offer – the best belts, grips, apparel, knee sleeves can make your weekend go smoothly, so make sure you check them out.



8BEMER: Bio-Electric-Energy-Regulation – This cutting edge device is a must try for any serious minded athlete! In a nutshell, it brings increased blood flow via microvessels (74%of the body’s circulation). This means extra nutrients and oxygen into every cell and cellular waste and toxins out. Result: Faster recovery time between races and significant improvement in performances, physical strength, endurance and energy; better mental acuity, focus, stress reduction and cardiac function.



Athlete services by Dr. Hessam Khatami (of Atlantic Grove Chiropractic) and his hand picked staff of excellent chiropractors and massage therapists specializing in many disciplines including Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, and RockTape certified practitioners. The FGL Directors know Dr. Khatami well and completely trust your physical well being in his expert hands. Dr. Khatami is also a Team Physician for Florida Atlantic University and the official Chiropractor for the Miami Surge.

AntiVenom is also good to try as a recovery product for sore muscles. Give it a shot!

Again, as you try this options out please let us know what you think.

marcusThe Man, the MC, the Marcus – Meet Our Master of Ceremonies

If you’ve attended a Crossfit competition anywhere in the state of Florida you’ve likely seen Marcus Watts (@thewattsguy) behind the mic at least once or twice.  As an affiliate owner in Fort Myers, a talented emcee and dynamic personality (not to mention his 6’7” frame) it’s hard to miss this former professional basketball player turned coach/ entrepreneur.  

Marcus helped to emcee our GRID 6 Fort Myers event, which was his first foray into the world of GRID.  If you’ve ever stopped to think about the level of difficulty of emceeing a competition well, you know just how much information there is to keep track of, how enthusiastic and engaged your voice has to be for hours and hours at a time, and how many names and faces there are to remember and announce.  But GRID adds another element, both in subject and in schedule.  We need our emcees to know the races intimately, to call attention to cool transitions and close finishes, and to stay on track with our detailed and sometimes complicated heat schedule.  They’re in charge on the floor, and it’s a big responsibility.  

Marcus was able to accomplish all of what we needed of him in a professional and engaging way, plus you may have found him getting his own squats, curls and presses in…pretty impressive.  Not to mention his sick dancing skills.


But the reason we love him at the FGL goes beyond just his ability to create a cohesive, fun, exciting atmosphere for our teams to thrive in – he’s also just a stand-up guy.  Hardworking, inspiring and genuine, Marcus wants to support everyone and help make the world a better place.  If you follow him on Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media you’ve probably seen him asking YOU to be better, try harder, work smarter, and be nice to others.  These are the types of traits that we at the FGL can really get behind, and these are the types of people we want involved with our company as much as possible.  

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-32-21-amAs if we needed one more reason to love Marcus, he’s also an entrepreneur and believes passionately in his probiotic product, Biopron by Valuson.  Again, his motivations stem from wanting to make people and athletes perform and function better, and his products do just that.  Biopron are powerful probiotics that help food digest better and the body perform optimally.  Check out some customer reviews and get in touch with Marcus if you’d like more information.  

After all this of course, Marcus will be joining us at GRID 6 Miami!  If you’ve never met the man, the MC, the Marcus, make sure you say hi and maybe he’ll shoot you a quick ‘dab.’  We are looking forward to working with Marcus again and in the future as well!  

August 13, 2016 NPGL media day

Only the top two teams make this race, and it is for all the marbles.

This is the race we have all been waiting for. This race will decide the winner of each division. The champions of GRID 6 Miami 16.

Here is the Sprint Relay in the AAA division at GRID 6 Fort Myers. Yes, this race is exciting.

Plus its always good to review one of the best pro races in GRID’s short history. This is an example of sprint relay with different movements. The winner of this race won the match.


There are 6 elements that make up the race. Each athlete must FINISH one element.

There is only one athlete on the GRID at a time. An athlete on the GRID can sub in any athlete at any time UNLESS they have just completed the last rep of an element.

When an athlete finishes an element (by completing the last rep) that athlete MUST run to the start line, complete a 4 point touch behind the start line, then sprint to the finish line. Once that athlete crosses the finish line they MAY NOT re-enter the GRID.

The only elements that do not require a sprint to the start line to finish the element are the distance related elements (i.e. handstand walk or burpee broad jump). Once the performing athlete crosses the finish line, the next athlete may enter.

The race is over when the last athlete has completed the last element, sprints to the start, then sprints to the finish and crosses the finish line.





  • Players may begin their first repetition in a fully standing position
  • Player must lower chest and hips to make contact with the ground
  • Player then must elevate their body and achieve the bottom of a one legged squat with hip crease below the knee and fully supported by one leg.
  • Player may touch both feet to the ground during the transition from the prone position to the bottom of the one legged squat. There is no requirement to open hips during this transition.
  • There is no requirement to alternate supporting legs
  • After the bottom of the one legged squat is achieved, the Player must rise with ONLY the supporting leg touching the ground until:
  1. hip is fully open
  2. knee is locked out
  3. heel on the ground


  • Players may begin their first repetition in a fully standing position
  • Player must lower chest and hips to make contact with the ground to achieve the prone position
  • Player then must elevate their body and achieve the bottom of a squat with hip crease below the knees
  • There is no requirement to open hips during this transition.
  • After the bottom of the squat is achieved, the Player must rise through the squat  until:
  1. hips fully open
  2. knees locked out
  3. heels on the ground

DOUBLE TOUCH (Toe-To-Bar + Chest-To-Bar)

  • At the beginning of each repetition, player suspends from the horizontal bar with arms fully extended and elbows locked out
  • Player must break the vertical plane of the bar with the heels before attempting their repetition
  • Player must elevate both feet and touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • Bar contact must be made in the area between the hands
  • Player then elevates by pulling upward until anywhere on torso, below the clavicle, makes contact with the bar

TRIPLE TOUCH (Toe-To-Bar + Chest-To-Bar + Bar Muscle Up)

  • At the beginning of each repetition, player suspends from the horizontal bar with arms fully extended and elbows locked out
  • Player must break the vertical plane of the bar with the heels before attempting their repetition
  • Player must elevate both feet and touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • Bar contact must be made in the area between the hands
  • Player then elevates by pulling upward until anywhere on torso, below the clavicle, makes contact with the bar
  • Player pulls up onto/over the bar to achieve full elbow lockout above the horizontal bar
  • Player’s head breaks the vertical plane above the bar while locked out on top

This video shows acceptable variations of each movement. 

  • Athlete begins by propelling themselves forward via a broad jump, beginning with feet behind the start line
  • Once the feet touch the ground at the end of the jump, those feet may not move forward again until the chest touches the ground.
  • If the athlete feet move forward after the initial touch, via small hop, shuffle or any other forward movement, the athlete will be sent to the previous hashmark or quadrant line, where their chest must touch behind that hashmark, before beginning their next jump also from behind the line.
  • After the chest touches the ground, the athlete may elevate back to their feet to begin their next jump.
  • Once the athlete’s weight is supported by one or both feet, after leaving prone position, they may not move forward again except via a single broad jump where the process is repeated again.
  • Any steps, shuffles, stumbles, or other movement forward besides what is described above results in the player returning to the previous hashmark or quadrant line where their chest must touch behind the line before beginning their next jump from behind that same line.


  • Players may begin their first repetition by performing a squat clean
  • For each repetition Player must descend into a squat (hip crease below horizontal plane of top of knees) then return to a fully standing position while elevating the barbell to a position directly overhead
  • Elevating the barbell overhead must be done in one fluid motion with no unlocking of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player fully stands up with barbell directly overhead, having their hips open, knees and elbows locked out, barbell over the midline of the body and heels on the ground


  •  Player begins repetition in a fully inverted handstand position:
  1. only heels touching the wall
  2. arms and elbows fully extended
  3. palms inside (i.e., not touching) any designated perimeter
  4. feet not spread wider than any designated perimeter
  •  Player must lower body vertically until the head touches the ground/mat
  •  The repetition is counted when Player returns to a fully vertical handstand position by kipping or by pressing up until:
  1. arms and elbows are fully extended
  2. only heels touch the wall
  3. palms inside (i.e., not touching) any designated perimeter
  4. feet not spread wider than any designated perimeter
  •  Player may not make glute contact with the wall while descending but may do so once Player’s head has touched the mat

Movement standards will also be discussed just before the race.

GOOD LUCK. We are excited to present in Miami the best GRID 6 yet. See you all there.