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If you are an athlete intrigued by the sport of GRID there is a good chance you have thought about trying out, but ultimately assume you aren’t good enough or are intimidated by your limited knowledge of it. This is very common. If you fall into this camp, it may be worth watching this video series. There are countless stories of people deciding to try out last minute, on a whim, and making a Team.

Regardless of whether you think you can make the Team or not, now you have even more reasons to try out. Each Team can now carry a “development squad” which is an official part of the Team, but not yet eligible to play in the matches. This portion of the Team can come to practices to learn the sport and the dynamic of the Team while developing their physical and mental capabilities amongst the starting players and coaching staff.

Other benefits include:

  • Team apparel
  • Entrance into all matches the Team participates in
  • Discount to GRID 6 registrations

So even if you feel confident you aren’t quite ready to start on an FGL Season team, but have a hunch the sport might be for you, try out at a combine. A good team driven attitude and desire to improve will make you a great candidate for the Development Squad and send you on your way to learn more about this great sport and be around some high skilled players to help you improve in any form of competition.

Who knows, maybe you surprise yourself and showcase something a team is looking for. Worst case scenario you learn about something new, outside of your comfort zone. There is always benefit to that. See you there.