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GRID is the future of team sports. Men and women compete side by side with various specialties and body types working together in the ultimate race-based game of teamwork and strategy.


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Two teams race head-to-head to complete a series of weightlifting, body-weight, and other athletic elements. The FGL uses two versions of the sport with GRID 6 (6 person teams for anyone) and The FGL Season (14 person teams for higher level players).


Teams are composed of an equal number of male and female players who can be:

  • bodyweight specialists
  • heavy weight specialists
  • generalists who can perform a variety of movements

Players use the strengths that suit them to best contribute to their team.

What Wins Races

The following are used to complete the races in the fastest possible time.





Unlike a general Functional Movement competition, GRID is very structured. All matches take place on the “GRID.” The GRID has two lanes (highlighted as blue and red), one for each team, split down the middle by a rig.

Each lane is broken into 4 quadrants (labeled 1,2,3,4) and a Start and Finish line. Between the Start and Finish line, the lanes and quadrants have hashmarks down the outside and a “hashbox” is considered the area between each of the hashmarks or quadrant lines.

The Start line and Finish line also have “zones” (Start Zone and Finish Zone). Where Players are either required or inhibited to be at certain points of the race. We will discuss these situations later in the referee section.

Having this structured format across all GRID matches allow for consistency, accuracy and familiarity for all people who are playing or watching the sport. It also allows the teams to get creative with their strategies, making for highly entertaining and energetic matches.


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