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It’s just a game.

How could throwing a ball through a hoop, or running bases, or tackling someone, or crossing a finish line first… really matter that much? The actual act of playing a sport is very insignificant. It’s not a solution to hunger. It’s not world peace. It’s not life or death.

Many of us love sports. But why? Do we ever take a moment and honor the aspects of sports that make them so important to us? We should.

Sports are a metaphor for life.

Any of the following statements apply to both sports, and life.

  • You cannot achieve success, if you don’t work hard.
  • You have to identify your talents, develop them, and work harder than everyone else to be better than everyone else.
  • You will compete with others to achieve what you want.
  • You will experience winning, and losing.
  • You will experience joy, and pain.
  • You have to work well with others.
  • You will only achieve with help from others along the way.
  • You must constantly learn, and perfect.
  • Results will not always be immediately apparent, you have to trust the process.

More messages along these lines –

Sports brings people together.

If you’ve ever played on a team, watched a loved one compete on a team, or been in a stadium with tens of thousands of people all caring intensely about the exact same thing, you know that experience provides a special feeling not replicated elsewhere. That feeling doesn’t care about race, or religion, or social status, or occupation. It is a shared passion that bridges gaps. It brings friends together on Sundays, it gives a reason to communicate and banter, it strengthens relationships. It creates feeling and emotion.



Sports can bring comfort and support in times of pain and adversity.

No amount of thought or explanation can demonstrate this concept better than this story by ESPN on Chris Singleton, a baseball player who lost his mom in the 2015 Charleston shooting.  You may be surprised at his reaction to the tragedy, and who came to his side first.

If you have the opportunity to watch the entire story, please do. It has amazing take aways. It also demonstrates the next point of the significants of sports: 

Sports provide a platform to influence society.

While currently not all sports starts live up to it, they have the ability to spread significant positive impact. Millions see and are influenced by teams and athletes every day. Their messages about life, or how to be a better person, or the products they use affects the thought process and dollars spent by people who care and are inspired by them. If you are an athlete that possesses some of that influence, how do you use it? Do you spread a positive message? Do you use and believe in the products and companies you endorse? Do you create a better life for your fans through your influence? Or do you leverage them for money? It is a huge responsibility, and one that should not be overlooked.

It is also the influential aspect of sports that makes the sport of GRID so significant. The fact that GRID is so fun to play and watch, is extremely exciting, brings diverse athletic backgrounds together, and encourages fitness are amazing aspects of it overall, but not nearly the most significant. GRID tears down a barrier that has existed in sports forever – the separation of man and women in team sports. GRID demonstrates to society how getting rid of that barrier brings men and women closer together. Working together on the same playing field strengthens relationships, and creates mutual respect in ways only found in sports.

Image from miamisurge.com

Image from miamisurge.com


Sports are important because we care. Ultimately to ask why sports are important is to ask why family is important, why religion is important, why pets are important, or why your favorite weekend activity is important. The parts of life that encourage passion, inspiration and relationships… are the most important things in life.

– Mather Wiswall
FGL Director of competition.


How have sports affected your life? Comment below.