Emiliana Guerra – Utility player for the Fort Lauderdale Lions

by Dec 29, 2022League News

What is a brief overview of your origin story. Where you grew up, early family situation, athletic background, school, early jobs, travel, etc?

Throughout my life I have always been an athlete, I start my curriculum in gymnastics, I did gymnastics for 12 years and then I started in crossfit, when I started in crossfit I also started my sports career in weightlifting, I’m a national champion in my country ( Venezuela) in those 3 different disciplines!

Thanks to my family I have always been involved in the world of sports.

What is your current occupation, family situation, and focus in life.:

Right now I’m a crossfit coach, and my focus for the next session is work hard on my training for try to go to the games again!

What is something interesting that people would like to know about you?:

I’ll say something that many people will hate me but I do not like avocado 🥴 ( don’t hate me ) my favorite thing to eat is ice cream ( I’m literally obsessed 😂 ) I consider myself a very organized person, I like that everything is always in its place ( OCD ) and I love routines!

Describe the biggest hurdle or challenge you have overcome in your life.:

For sure my knee injury, about two years ago I broke my ACL and menisci, it was very difficult for me because that operation was very complicated, I had never stopped training before in my life and when I got injured I had to stop training for a while, start from scratch, learn to run, jump, all over again! but now I feel better than ever, after a lot of therapy and hard work I can say that I am 100% recovered and even better than before!

How do you prepare to play on the GRID and other forms of competition. How do you think about nutrition, training, and other factors that contribute to your readiness.:

For me, preparing for a competition influences everything, your social life, nutrition, training, basically everything! being an athlete of some performance you have to understand that your whole life revolves around that, but the truth is that I love it! I love training starting because I have competitions soon, I like to go to bed early if I know it is to train better the next day, I feel very excited to compete again on the grid and with my lions family even better.

Describe what is it like to play on your team?:

playing for lions for me is the best, I would never change teams, we lions identify ourselves because we are not just a team but a family, team communication between all of us is very good and that is one of the most important things in grid.

How did you get involved in GRID? Did you come through the American Grid Trials? Tell us the story!:

GRID arrived for a friend who already played and since then I loved it! I have never been to the American trials but I would love to.

What is important for people to know about the sport of GRID? How does it compare to your other forms of competition?:

GRID is a totally different sport, it is much faster and more explosive but it is also much more entertaining to watch than any others


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