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In August and September of 2017 two major hurricanes hit Florida and Puerto Rico, devastating entire communities and families.  While Florida has mostly recovered from Hurricane Irma, areas of Puerto Rico are still without power and supplies from Hurricane Maria as of February, 2018.  

An event of this magnitude makes it easy to see the widespread devastation, but can be hard to personalize.  At the FGL, when these catastrophes were taking place we knew we had to help, but we wanted it to be more personal than just donating to a major organization.  So, we took to social media to ask for nominations for individuals who were severely affected by the storms so that we could channel our efforts within our community and touch one family’s lives.  

We received several deserving nominations and were able to help, at least in small ways, everyone that wrote in.  But we chose one family to receive the bulk of the money we raised through a portion of tickets sales from our Championship weekend and specialty t-shirt sales.  This family was nominated through an FGL staff member who provided us with the following statement: 

“My Aunt and Uncle were displaced from their home for months, and are now living in a rental RV in Florida City until they can get back on their feet.  My Uncle is ill and without work and my Aunt was able to find a job at a Wynn Dixie close by to make ends meet.  This donation will go towards their medical bills and trying to rebuild their lives after losing so much in the storm.”  

We hope that every person who bought a t-shirt or purchased a ticket to our Championship weekend feels pride in knowing that we, the FGL community, can reach out and help those in need.  We take care of each other.  Thank you all for being a part of it.