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Play hard responsibly.

You won’t be able to pick one flavor…

Paula Leyes

Bodyweight Specialist, Miami Freaks


High quality equipment for your gym or home, at the most reasonable prices.

Valor’s equipment is absolutely amazing. I love the fact that Jim is a local guy who cares, and he’s able to provide everything that’s really high quality at a really low price.

Storm Kaufman

Owner and Coach, Miami Freaks


Delicious, healthy, fully cooked meals delivered weekly with options for any lifestyle

They are literally the best company of meal prep I’ve ever tried 😍

Laura Sanchez

Utility Player, Fort Lauderdale Lions


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Official Physical Therapist of the FGL

Valor Fitness

Thank you to Jaime and The Box Doc for helping me keep my body functioning at its best for my whole GRID season! I’d be falling apart without you

Bryleigh Hansen

Owner/Coach/Player, South Beach Palms


A player favorite, this great tasting supplement to water enriches it with essential electrolytes that are lost in sweat… especially during hot days.

Valor Fitness

I sweat BREATHING. So the fact I can replenish what I need without any added junk is AMAZING. Love me some LMNT!! #gamechanger

Jess Krezmien

Captain and Utility Player, Tampa Bay Brigade

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Collagen and MCT oil
with an attention to healthy ingredients, a well functioning body, and a dedication to giving back.

Valor Fitness

I’m a 38 year old utility player so they had me at ‘die young as late as possible.’ The maqui berry flavor is delicious and purple which is an excellent ice breaker as it always makes people ask what the heck you’re drinking!

What really hooked me on Bubs is the unflavored protein & MCT oil options, so that I can mix them in my flavored coffee, or sparkling water and it won’t change the taste, it will just keep my joints healthy on the GRID, and quickly recovered so I can jump back into training for the next match!

Dez Muir

Co-owner and Player, Gainesville Wild

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An all natural
and highly effective pain relief balm
for sore and tight muscles.

Valor Fitness

My back was killing me because of deadlifts yesterday, and I couldn’t really bend over.

I didn’t think Punch Gunk would actually do anything.

I put some on my erectors, 10 minutes later I was doing ring muscle ups and heavy devils presses, no pain at all… I was like, ‘wtf is this voodoo’?

Nick Habich

Head Coach and Bodyweight Specialist, SWFL Sharks

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A broad range of highly effective and CLEAN supplements for sustained energy and stamina, recovery, and other training and life advantages.

Valor Fitness

I literally never train without ProCarb.

Mario Santaella

Utility player, Fort Lauderdale Lions

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A versatile and punishing training tool that takes all of the advantages of a tire and various forms of sleds in a variable weight and compact form.

Valor Fitness

As a professional strong woman I love picking up heavy, odd objects and Flip Sled is perfect for that. I love it!

Julie Rader

Strength Specialist, Gainesville Wild

A small company with a big heart, high quality grips and products to help you become the fittest version of yourself.

Valor Fitness

I’m really picky about my grips, but when I put these ones one & touched the bar, I knew right away that they were going to be the grips that I wanted to use. I’ll definitely be wearing them at the games!”

Kimerlee Dekrey

Utility Player, Tampa Bay Brigade

I’m saving my last energy patch for match day. I like that it’s easily attachable and it’s a set it and forget it kinda thing with energy release through the day.

Sleep patches i absolutely love too! They smell good.

Gaby Moestar

Palm Beach Breakers

It’s like a Reese’s cup! This is dope, highly recommend!

Hannah Hardy

SWFL Sharks

Use Code FGL20 for 20% off

I go for my Born Primitive pants (Your Go To Leggings) as soon as they are washed. They are the right amount of tight without being uncomfortable and THE most flattering leggings I’ve ever had.

Ruby George

Operator , FGL