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3 Farmers carry (down and back =1) – 70/arm, 100 Double Under (or single under x2), 30 Burpee to ring – 7′ female/8’male, 10.5 Sprint (down and back =1)

AA –

3 Farmers carry (down and back =1) – 100/arm, 200 Double Under, 30 Burpee to ring – 7.5′ female/8.5’male, 10.5 Sprint (down and back =1)

Race rules.

The race begins with one athlete starting with the farmers carry.  Either male or female may begin first.  Since only one athlete is required on the GRID at a time to carry, a carrying athlete may tag in a substituting athlete of either gender to continue the reps. This is provided there is no other athletes on the GRID at that time as no more than one male and one female is allowed on the GRID at any given moment.

The same tagging rules apply to the sprint as well.

As the final carry is being completed, an athlete of the opposite gender to the athlete carrying, may enter the GRID to position themselves (2nd Quadrant) to immediately begin the double unders once the final carry is complete.

At each ‘station,’ the total number of reps must be completed at the station, the male and female do not need to perform the same amount of reps. In other words, work per station may be split up however.  The only rule is that each station must reach the given amount of reps assigned.

No movements are available for waterfall as there is only one available station of each.

Time stops when the final sprinter crosses the finish line.

Movement standards.


  • Player begins by holding one designated Farmer’s Carry handles in each hand, behind the Start line.
  • Player walks the implements down the GRID
  • Player may set implements down at any time, but may not move the implements any further along the GRID unless lifted off the ground by the hands. If implements are dropped, the player resumes the carry from where the implements come to rest
  • Repetition is complete when the entirety of the implements, and the Player’s body have completely crossed the designated line


  • Movement begins in prone position, making chest contact with the ground
  • Player then rises from prone position and jumps to make contact with a suspended ring
  • The repetition is counted when Player makes contact with the ring
  • If a failed attempt at contact with the ring occurs, the movement is faulted and must start over from the prone position


  • Athlete must begin, in the standing position, behind the Start Line
  • Athlete runs across the Grid, touch with one hand past the Finish Line then return back to the Start Line to complete one repetition
  • Athlete must make a single hand contact to the ground behind the Finish Line and the Start Line before changing directions
  • The only time a single hand contact is not needed is at start of race or when a substitution is being made
  • Substitutes must be in a standing position, behind the Start Line, prior to being tagged in
  • Any form of contact is allowed to substitute but must occur with the athlete subbing in, standing behind the Start Line