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12 Bar facing burpee

(8) 2 DB thruster 20lb

(2) Rope climbs

Farmers Carry 100lb/arm

(8) TTB

(5) Snatch 115lb

AA –

12 Deck to pistol

(8) 2 DB thruster 40lb

(4) Rope climbs

Farmers Carry 150lb/arm

(14) TTB

(5) Snatch 155lb


Race rules.

There are 6 elements that make up the race. Each athlete must FINISH one element.

There is only one athlete on the GRID at a time. An athlete on the GRID can sub in any athlete at any time UNLESS they have just completed the last rep of an element.

When an athlete finishes an element (by completing the last rep) that athlete MUST run to the start line, complete a 4 point touch behind the start line, then sprint to the finish line. Once that athlete crosses the finish line they MAY NOT re-enter the GRID.

The only elements that do not require a sprint to the start line to finish the element are the distance related elements (i.e. handstand walk or in this case, the farmers carry). Once the performing athlete crosses the finish line, the next athlete may enter.

The race is over when the last athlete has completed the last element, sprints to the start, then sprints to the finish and crosses the finish line.

Example video. AAA sprint relay the last time we were in the Civic Center.

Movement standards.


  • Movement begins a prone position, making chest contact with the ground with body perpendicular to the bar and one foot cleared of either side of the designated line
  • Player then rises from prone position and propels body over the bar using a two foot takeoff (feet must leave the ground simultaneously)
  • Player’s body must travel over the bar without making any contact at any point during the repetition
  • The repetition is counted when player has cleared the bar and lands on their feet simultaneously


  • Player must lower chest and hips to make contact with the ground
  • Player then must elevate their body and achieve the bottom of a one legged squat with hip crease below the knee and fully supported by one leg.
  • Player may touch both feet to the ground during the transition from the prone position to the bottom of the one legged squat. There is no requirement to open hips during this transition.
  • There is no requirement to alternate supporting legs
  • After the bottom of the one legged squat is achieved, the Player must rise with ONLY the supporting leg touching the ground until:
  1. hip is fully open
  2. knee is locked out
  3. heel on the ground



  • Players may begin their first repetition by performing a squat clean with dumbbells
  • For each repetition Player must descend into a squat (hip crease below horizontal plane of top of knees) then return to a fully standing position while elevating the dumbbells to a position directly over shoulders
  • Elevating the dumbbells overhead must be done in one fluid motion with no unlocking of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player fully stands up with dumbbells directly over shoulders, having their hips open, knees and elbows locked out, and heels on the ground


  • Player begins by holding one designated Farmer’s Carry implement in each hand, behind the Start line.
  • Player walks the implements down the GRID
  • Player may set implements down at any time, but may not move the implements any further along the GRID unless lifted off the ground by the hands

Repetition is complete when the entirety of the implements, and the Player’s body have completely crossed the Finish line


  • At the beginning of each repetition, player suspends from the horizontal bar with arms fully extended and elbows locked out
  • Player must break the vertical plane of the bar with their heels before attempting their repetition
  • Player must elevate both feet and touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • Bar contact must be made in the area between the hands


  • Player must come to a fully standing position while elevating the barbell from the ground to a position directly overhead:
  1. in one continuous motion
  2. without pausing at the shoulders
  •  Player may use any form of snatch unless specifically designated (i.e., muscle, power, full or split)
  •  The repetition is counted when:
  1. the barbell reaches a position directly overhead
  2. Player’s arms and elbows are locked out vertically
  3. Player’s feet stationary, parallel and within shoulder width
  4. hips fully open
  5. knees locked out
  6. heels on the ground