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To accommodate rapid growth, the FGL is making several key hires over the coming months. The next hire to announce is Kimberly Suarez as Director of Events for the North Florida region.  

Kimberly comes from an eclectic background of coaching, gym management, and in the insurance field, but what got her interested in the FGL was playing on team ‘Murica in GRID 6 Fort Myers.  She says “it was so much fun, I couldn’t stop talking about it after I got home – I knew I wanted GRID 6 and the FGL to be a part of my life in whatever way they needed me.”  She reached out to FGL Operators to see what was needed, and the relationship grew from there.  

Here is an interview of her story related to GRID and the FGL.


Her statement at the end sums up the positive power of this sport.

Posted by FGL – Florida Grid League on Thursday, November 3, 2016


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Director of Operations Ruby George is excited to bring another detailed event planner on the Operations team, especially someone with Kim’s experience.  “When I first talked to Kim about the possibility of working for us I asked her what her process was for registration at an event she had planned, the Battle of the Boxes.”  After hearing about Kim’s standards for quality, ease for the athletes, and the system that she implemented, Ruby knew the two would be good match to work together.  “Kim clearly cares deeply about providing excellent experiences through systems and management, which fits with the FGL mission perfectly.”  

Kim’s first major role with the FGL will be to act as Event Planner and Day of Coordinator for GRID 6 Tampa presented by Valor Fitness.  Kim is looking forward to the event due to her positive previous working experience with Valor, and the chance to show her own community what GRID is all about.  “I’ve been talking about how fun the sport is for months, so I really can’t wait for everyone in my gym to experience it first hand!” Kim states.   

Interested in working on Kim’s event management team?  Apply Here.