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***NOTE – No past pro players are yet signed to play for FGL Season teams. Images provided by the National Pro Grid League***

The National Pro Grid League player contracts restricted pro GRID players from competing in other GRID league organizations. Since no players are currently under contract, and the NPGL is not currently active, the League made the decision to allow past pro players to participate in the 2018 Season until further news comes from the NPGL.

The rule states each team may sign no more than two past pros. A “past pro” is defined as a player that was signed to an NPGL team, regardless of play on the GRID.

There are several past pro players that are current coaches in the FGL. They will have the option to make the transition to playing,  remain as strictly coaches, or potentially do both as player/coach.

Florida is the densest state in the country of pro GRID athletes. Some of the more likely candidates for teams to approach include Taylar Stallings, Eric Cardona, Jaime Gold, Danielle Szpindor, Hannah Richards, Angel Rodriguez, and Monique Williams to name a few.

While this creates a new dynamic as far as level of talent in the League, it does not change the fact that GRID is a specialist sport and appeals to a much wider base of athlete types as compared to competitive CrossFit. If you have a bias toward strength or bodyweight… enjoy short and fast workouts, or even have one or two skills that you are better than most at, you are a great candidate to plug a hole on one of these teams and to compete along side of some of these top talented athletes in the state.


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