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This week, on Sunday October 29th, The Miami Freaks will have their second match of the season against the Palm Beach Elite.  The Miami Freaks are fresh off an incredible victory over the Ft. Lauderdale Lions.  The Elite are appearing in their first match of the season.  This match will take place from 1-3 PM EST at Freakin’ Crossfit.  

The Miami Freaks defeated the Lions last week 18-17, coming from behind in the  last race, the Sprint Relay.  Down 16-15, the Freaks pulled ahead in the relay and received 3 points to the Lions’ 1, cementing the victory.  Jeff Ochoa played a huge part in the team’s success, being able to do a lot of the heavy lifting.  Also shining in the match was Julie Gallow, She portrayed great flashes of versatility and difficult movements, thus providing the team with some more options coming into their match with the Elite.  It will be interesting to see how the team performs now having a match under their belt.

The way these two teams match up is going to be interesting because the Elite have some players with a little more experience with difficult movements.  For example, Grace Thompson is a body weight specialist that is small in size, but can move extremely fast.  She should be an incredible boost for the team because of her versatility.  On the male side of the team, they have a strong barbell specialist in Anthony Louis.  He is built like a tank and has an impressive snatch of over 300 pounds. The team does not have a match under their belt yet and will look to show the rest of the league what they are capable of.