A preview of the Florida Grid League 2021 southern conference finals matchup happening October 9th at 11:30am.
This match features players like Paula Leyes, Bryleigh Hansen, Erika Kaufman, Heather Hudson, Joseph Gomez and Cade

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0:00 – Partner Forward Race (Palms Wins)
0:30 – Mirror Race (Palms Wins)
0:59 – Storm Kaufman (Freaks Head Coach)
1:16 – Ringer Home Race (Palms Wins)
1:42 – Cody Landrum (Palms Head Coach)
2:06 – Echo Race 1 (Palms Wins)
2:47 – Echo Race 2 (Freaks Wins)
3:31 – Bonus Flag Thrown/ Ladder Race (Palms Wins)
4:11 – Cody Landrum (Palms Head Coach)
4:34 – Ringer Away Race (Freaks Wins)
4:53 – Jack and Jill Race (Freaks Wins)
5:03 – Sprint Relay Race (Freaks Wins)
—End of the Video—

Grid League Match Format: Roll Up

Grid League Match Format: Roll Up

FLORIDA GRID LEAGUE 2023MATCH FORMAT"Roll up"A Match Format is the specific set of movements and elements that make up the Races within a given Match. This is what makes matches unique from one another as the race rules are always consistent from match to match. Learn...

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