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General –


All GRID 6 Tampa Champions were past GRID 6 competitors. That said, all had new players for GRID 6 Tampa as compared to previous teams.


3 race records held up (of 9 possible) from past GRID 6. While there was still a clear improvement on most race times, only one race record held up from Fort Myers to Miami.


All thruster ladder records improved from Fort Myers by an average of 219lbs. Both A and AA improved by 300lbs each exactly.


The only new record set in the Partner Forward (over Miami) was by the “Burg Brigade” in the A division by 8 seconds over team “Suicide Squad’s” previous record set in Miami.


AAA Division –

Team Crossfit Teens had two records set in Miami that held up through Tampa in the Partner Forward and Mirror by an average of 5.5 seconds.


The AAA runner up “Tight butts and sweaty nuts” only set one race record in the men’s Biad, While team “If were not first were last” set two records. The other 3 records set in Tampa were by the eventual champion “Shrug Life”


“Shrug Life” won both Echos by an average of 8 seconds.


AA Division – 

“CrossFit Storm” came in first place in all races except Jack and Jill (4), Partner Forward (2) and Sprint Relay. Echo 2 was a tie for first with team “Silverback Gridillas” at 2:45.

“CrossFit Storm”‘s ladder performance would have beaten the A division team “Just CrossFit” record from Fort Myers. Their total was almost 400lbs more than the second place performance by team “Deerfield Beach”.

There was a 16 point differential between the top two teams and the third place team “Silverback Gridillas” heading into the Finale – Sprint Relay. The AAA division had a 1 point differential at the same point.

A Division – Burg Brigade vs ‘Murica

The average race time differential between these two teams (in all races besides the Ladder and Sprint Relay) was 18 seconds

Both team’s Mirror performance beat the previous record of 1:20, and the “Burg Brigade” set the new record at 1:10.

Team “Burg Brigade” won the first 3 races in a row, but team “‘Murica” won 3 of the next 5 races to keep the spread to within 2 points heading into the Sprint Relay