April 28, 2018


The expanded, new and improved Valor Fitness warehouse. Valor has added an entire building to their floodplan including the perfect competition venue including:

– Large racing area with lots of room for spectators

– Balcony area for additional spectators

– Indoor bathrooms

– Cross air flow to keep a breeze going during warmer days


Each GRID 6 has been a little bit different, and this one has a big change – we’re trying a new format. Here are the highlights:

– Each division will complete all races as a separate group (AAA, then AA, then A)

– Time commitment will be up to 5 hours total

– 15 – 30 minutes between each race, depending on how many teams in each division

– Limited number of team spots available in each division

This more closely mimics a full team GRID match with less rest time between races, less warming up, more continuous high energy and a shorter competition day.



**VIP Rate is Sold Out**
**AA Division is Sold Out** 

To Join the Waitlist for your team email commish@thefgl.com