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When Nicole first found out about the Florida Grid League she immediately expressed interest in being involved.

“I see the potential of this League because I know, first hand, how much fun this sport is to play. I wanted to bring my experience and perspective to help develop this concept into the best version it can be. I also think it will be a blast watching people play for the first time and get hooked the way I did.”

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Nicole brings professional GRID competition experience to the FGL leadership team. She is also a great communicator and teacher through her experience with her nutrition training seminars (Honor your Nutrition) and brings a unique perspective and knowledge base to athletes that may have questions or need help in deciding whether GRID is a good sport for them or how to best prepare for the events. If you would like to ask Nicole a question, email her at

Also make sure to follow her on IG, Snapchat (ncapurso22), FB and Twitter. If you’d like to learn about how to dial in your nutrition to help you best prepare for GRID 6, or any other goal, check out her seminars and personal nutrition coaching on her website here.

To learn more about our upcoming GRID 6 event click here.