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To create the best sports experience on the planet.



The sport of GRID is an expression of equality and diversity.  GRID reflects a new era of gender equality and collaboration in sports: diverse males and females working together towards a common goal.  The sport also offers youth opportunities to experience confidence and mindfulness through physical activity.



Equality & diversity
Teamwork & humility
Fairness & integrity
Passion & growth
Health & wellness




Yes, we set the bar high.

We want you to know where our head is, what we strive for, and what you should expect us to think. If you have ideas on how we can better reach our goals, or ways that we screwed it up for you, please contact us.

We will work tirelessly to ensure everyone that interacts with GRID from players, to staff to fans, walks away feeling they had an amazing experience with us. That will not always happen, we know things will come up that need to be addressed, but we will always do whatever we can to make it right.

That is simply who we are and what we believe.


FGL Management Team

The FGL brother-sister Management Team has been working together managing events ranging from trade shows to various types of competitive events for over 10 years.  Both have a passion for the sport of GRID, CrossFit, and building this sport in order to change society for the better.

Lynnsey joined the FGL in the first Season working on one spreadsheet as a volunteer, and grew her role to running the entire Season.  She has proved to be a personification of the FGL values consistently over the years, and we are excited to see how far she can help the FGL grow. 


Ruby Wiswall George
Director of Operations

Mather FGL

Mather Wiswall
Director of Competition


Season Director