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GRID Referee

Upholding race rules, element standards, and enforcing fair play are tremendously important to the Florida Grid League. Because of this we highly regard our Referee position and reward those who prove themselves effective.

Referee for the FGL Season is a paid position. Level of pay is dependent on experience and position and will follow an application process like any job. GRID 6 Refereeing is a volunteer position to start, but is great experience to see what the sport is all about and better position yourself for the higher level positions.


The Season Ref Responsibilities

Refs will be held to the following standards

  • Understand the rules of GRID and Rulebook of the FGL intimately
  • Consume any provided training material and attend required training sessions prior to season
  • Attend season matches according to schedule provided by Chief Ref
  • Uphold FGL stated standards for each element/race during matches, playoffs, and Championships
  • Judging experience is required; GRID reffing experience is highly favored

Refs must have the ability to stay cool and think clearly under pressure.


Estimated Time Requirements

  • 2-4 hours total: research, learning, and training material
  • 2 hours: in-person training
  • 3-4 hours per match scheduled


If you are interested in a referee position for the Season, or would just like to try things out by participating in a GRID 6, fill out the form below. We will follow up shortly.

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