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The FGL Leadership Project

We believe that your perception of what is possible in the world strongly dictates your outcome within it.

Therefore we felt it a worthy effort to highlight the stories of some of the diverse leaders in our own community. We want to uncover some of their challenges, strategies to succeed, and mental approaches that have led to their success in being a positive influence on those around them and having a place in society they are proud of.

We hope that hearing their perspectives will help educate those that need a fresh perspective or may speak to those dealing with related challenges and need inspiration to see through to a similar outcome.

Knowledge is power, and without learning more about what those challenges are we can’t help irradiate them or give people the tools to overcome them.



From the youngest of 5 in a poor, fatherless family to a nation-leading real estate mogul, sports team owner, and proud family man: The story of Matt Hornaday.

In this interview Matt uncovers how he ended up in a place he always dreamed he would… even with the odds stacked against him.

Spoiler alert: he didn’t do it alone. His story could change your perception of some important topics in the news today as he talks about forms of inequality within his own family.

He also gives one major piece of advise to anyone dealing with a difficult situation on the path to a dream life.


Taylar Stallings on overcoming steroid accusations, negative comments, and race conflict in America.

Taylar Stallings is head coach and strength specialist player for the Orlando Aces. She’s a highly respected coach and has been operating her remote coaching program “Taylar Made Me Do It” for years. She is also a licensed realtor in the state of Florida. Some of her athletic accomplishments include:

  • 10-time Powerlifting World Record Holder
  • US National Champion Olympic Weightlifter
  • CrossFit Regionals Competitor
  • NPGL MVP – 2014

In this interview, she covers some very personal and very important topics related to finding herself as an African American LBGT athlete and citizen. She also talks about her role in society and as a leader to her athletes.


Kevin Jennings of the Palm Beach Breakers – The Leadership Project

Kevin Jennings is a killer strength specialist for the Palm Beach Breakers, but that’s only the beginning of what he does well. He’s been hired by companies like the NFL and currently owns multiple thriving businesses spanning different industries. He is also a board member of a charity and has an incredible story of how he got to where he is. Hear his thoughts on how others can make the most of their circumstances.

Commitment to equality

We strongly believe that everyone should be completely accepted however they are are. We want a society where everyone’s uniqueness is showcased and celebrated.

This means we want live in a world where discrimination and systematic inequality do not exist. We are committed to do our part to continue to push society toward this outcome.

So, we pledge to be a part of the solution to eliminate racism, discrimination of any kind, and systematic inequality… working towards a more equal, more just, and BETTER society. Here is how we have started:



While our culture has always been inclusive and diverse we’ve engrained it even further  in our culture guidelines to build it into the thought process of the company.



Added the pledge to our monthly goal-setting sessions so that it stays top of mind and we are constantly reminded to allocate time and effort to further and support the cause 



Continuation of our own education through efforts that will be listed below as they are incorporated by company leadership.

Some of our favorites:

@iamchrissyking Addressing Racism in the Wellness Industry workshop

Presumed Criminal: Black Youth and the Justice System in Postwar New York



Highlighting the stories of the widely diverse leadership within our own community. 

The FGL Leadership Project