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High quality equipment for your gym or home, at the most reasonable prices.

Valor’s equipment is absolutely amazing. I love the fact that Jim is a local guy who cares, and he’s able to provide everything that’s really high quality at a really low price.

Storm Kaufman

Owner and Coach, Miami Freaks

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Players are fanatical about LMNT
for staying hydrated,
with zero sugar and max taste!

Valor Fitness

I sweat BREATHING. So the fact I can replenish what I need without any added junk is AMAZING. Love me some LMNT!! #gamechanger

Jess Krezmien

Captain and Utility Player, Tampa Bay Brigade

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Cook Less, Live More!

Valor Fitness

They are literally the best company of meal prep I’ve ever tried 😍

Laura Sanchez

Utility Player, Fort Lauderdale Lions

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The official pre + rehab partner of
the Florida Grid League

Valor Fitness

Thank you to Jaime and The Box Doc for helping me keep my body functioning at its best for my whole GRID season! I’d be falling apart without you

Bryleigh Hansen

Owner/Coach/Player, South Beach Palms

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Delicious soda
that is actually good for your gut

Valor Fitness

I couldn’t give up my soda habit until I found Olipop Cola. Finally I ditched Coke for something healthy and just as satisfying.

Sam Martin

Bodyweight Specialist, Gainesville Wild

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The FGL’s official subscription box
with the best products to help your workouts

Valor Fitness

Have you seen how many things come in this box??

Laura Sanchez

Utility Player, Fort Lauderdale Lions

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All-in-one, Superior Gut Health
& Immune support supplement


6 months ago I started having issues with my gut. I started taking GutArmor and the effects were immediate for me. I have not had any stomach cramps since then, plus less bloating and more energy.

Tricia Davis

Strength Specialist, Orlando Aces

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Valor Fitness

As a professional strong woman I love picking up heavy, odd objects and Flip Sled is perfect for that. I love it!

Julie Rader

Strength Specialist, Gainesville Wild

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High quality, comfortable and beautiful clothing for workouts and everything else

Valor Fitness

I go for my Born Primitive pants (Your Go To Leggings) as soon as they are washed. They are the right amount of tight without being uncomfortable and THE most flattering leggings I’ve ever had.

Ruby George

Operator , FGL

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It’s like a doctor in your pocket

Valor Fitness

My husband got a sinus infection that he passed to me a few days later. I used the app, scheduled an appointment 20 minutes later, and they called in my prescription right away since it was clear to all of us what I needed. It was so convenient.

Jess Krezmien

Utility Player, Brigade Tampa Bay

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