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Not just for players…

FGL teams are for-profit entities that require leadership, coordination, and business savvy to be successful. The following positions will work together to ensure the success of the team, not just competition-wise, but as a brand and financially.

Keep in mind, a position can be completed by multiple people, or one person can span more than one position. It is important to have sufficient time and focus on each in its individual role on the team.



It is recommended that coaches have programming, coaching, and leadership experience.  The best coaches are passionate about community, excellent at creating a cohesive team culture, and think clearly under pressure with the ability to make fast decisions.

Coaching Requirements

  • Talent acquisition (Combine attendance or the like) and drafting athletes to fill out the team according to League rules
  • Provide strategic plans and assignments to team players
  • Demonstrate passion for learning (or intimate knowledge) about the sport of GRID
  • Organize and lead team practices (recommended at least two prior to season)
  • Attend Season matches, lead the team, provide inspiration, and prepare the team for each individual match
  • Lead Assistant Coach (if desired, not required)

It is recommended that coaches have programming, coaching, and leadership experience.  The best coaches are passionate about GRID strategy, excellent at creating a cohesive team culture, and think clearly under pressure with the ability to make fast decisions.

Hear about the experience from a coach in another League:

Estimated Time Commitment

Traditionally, the time a coach has to commit to strategy, programming, practices and development is directly related to the success of a team.   

  • 1-3 hours per week:  recruitment and marketing of team to potential players leading up to Combines and Draft
  • Variable:  Combine attendance (coaches may attend more than one Combine, including their own)
  • 2-6 hours:  Draft prep
  • 2 hours:  Draft
  • (2) 2-4 hours:  Practices (recommended)
  • (3) 4 hours:  Season Matches (including warm up/prep/reflection time)
  • Possibly (2) 4 hours:  Playoffs and Championships


Team managers can be a coach, owner, or athlete, or may hold the position separately.  No prior experience is necessary, however, Team Managers should be organized, have excellent communication skills, and enjoy working with others.  Event planning experience is a plus.

Team Manager Responsibilities
  • Communicate between the FGL and the other members on the team (coach/players).
    • Relay information from the League to team in a timely manner
    • Provide requested information and deliverables to the League in a timely manner
  • Coordinate travel for all season matches, playoffs, and championships
  • Plan and execute any team-sponsored FGL event (eg. Combine)
  • Carry out business objectives such as branding the team, marketing the team, and scheduling, as requested by the Team Owner

Estimated Time Commitment

  • 1-2 hours per week:  communication leading up to season
  • 2-4 hours total:  travel arrangements/scheduling
  • Variable: event planning, marketing


Teams have an excellent opportunity to create high quality brand exposure for local or regional businesses, and sponsors are a large part of how a team can become profitable quickly.  However it takes time and effort to sell sponsorships, as well as to be good partners and promote the sponsor effectively.  

The League is a partner with the teams in this and can provide training, resources, and media packages – but it’s good to think about sponsorship sales when creating your ownership team.  


Interested? Get in touch now.

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Own a sports team

Owning and operating a team in the Florida Grid League Season can yield many unique opportunities. Opportunity to profit, promote a brand (or brands), and compete for the Championship trophy (and $20,000) are the obvious benefits. In addition, operating a sports team can provide a very unique learning experience related to leadership, all facets of business, as well as working with elite athletes. This is all in addition to a uniquely FUN and endlessly rewarding experience of creating and being a part of a team of people working toward a shared goal. Not to mention if you hit that goal and get to experience the feeling of being League Champion. How many people in the world will be offered an opportunity like that in life?


Team Ownership Requirements
Team Owners can be as involved as they would like, including assuming one or more of the required team jobs.  At minimum, team owners must:


  • Actively participate in League-wide discussions, votes, and interest in the overall health of the League
  • Commit the team to complete required ‘marketing and education’ benchmarks
  • Commit the team to complete required ‘FGL support’ benchmarks
  • Provide all requested information and payments on time

Team Owners should be excited about sports and/or GRID, enjoy working with groups of people in a collaborative manner, and possess the ability to think clearly outside of self interest and stay flexible in a startup environment.

Estimated Time Requirements

  • 1-2 hours per month or week:  League-wide calls
  • All other time is not well defined at this time.  Team owners can assign others on the team to complete requirements if desired.

How to Acquire a Team

Team owners will follow an application and interview process with League officials and other existing teams. EMAIL US if you are interested in learning more about the financial requirements and application process associated with owning a team.


If you are interested in any of these positions please get in touch with the form below. We will follow up shortly.

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