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Surprising? Probably.

Why did we do that? We’ll get to that in a sec.

Let’s skip to the punchline: Way more GRID players were experiencing intestinal issues than we expected. WAY more.

Most GRID players are pretty darn fit. They can do things physically that the rest of us can only dream of. It stands to reason their systems are working pretty well… right?

Well, it turns out a large percentage of our player population were experiencing bloating, regular stomach pain, irregularity, and other poopy problems that often got in the way of daily life… including workouts.

While we were surprised to find this information out… not everyone was.

Back to the reason we sent out the survey in the first place. Gut Armor approached us about getting involved with people that are focused on health and performance. We know a few people like that… so we talked. They told us about typical modern habits that often lead to an unhealthy gut such as energy drinks, alcohol, processed foods, poor quality supplements, medicines… and even lifestyle choices. They told us that a lot of people that experience these types of digestive symptoms just assume that this is just “how they are”… when in fact, there is a good chance that much of it can be traced back to gut health. Addressing gut health can oftentimes alleviate these symptoms… but here is the thing…

That’s just the beginning.

Gut health (as many of you probably know) is now being linked to much more than comfy poops.

The immune system, cognitive function, and even mood are thought to be affected by how healthy the gut is. More obvious benefits like digestive efficiency and nutrient absorption are also a big influence on quality of life… and of course… PERFORMANCE.

We will let Gut Armor explain HOW it all works… but the proof is in the pudding. Our players are loving it and if you are interested in gut health, it might be worth giving it a shot. For a limited time you can enter to win a FREE bottle.

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