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If you haven’t heard of the Antidote app, in one sentence it’s on-demand telehealth with access to doctors 24/7.  Read our announcement article to learn more. 

But there are additional benefits to having the Antidote app on your phone outside of just using it when you’re sick. 

RX Savings Card 

Every user who downloads the Antidote app has access to a universal prescription savings card.  If you’ve heard of the websites that will tell you which pharmacy has the best prices, or provides coupons to different medications – that’s what this card will do for you automatically.  No searching, no comparing – just get up to 73% off your prescription costs using this card.

Unfortunately, many medications cost very different prices depending on where you go…an antibiotic that might be $10 at one pharmacy could cost you double that at another one.  Does this seem fair?  Antidote helps take that variability out of your costs so that you know you’re getting the best price.

If you decide to sign up for the Plus plans, you can also get a debit card added to your Apple or Google wallet that pays for many prescriptions included in your low monthly fees.  That means dr visits, at any time of the day or night for your entire family, and many prescriptions are included…for $59/mo for families and only $35/mo for individuals.  

For FGL players – use code Player for 30% off all plans.

For FGL fans – use code FGL for 10% off all plans.

Note: Antidote is not an insurer and does not provide insurance products. This service is not a substitute for comprehensive health care insurance coverage. If you desire any type of health insurance, you must purchase such insurance separately, from licensed insurance companies.