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Play for an fgl team. 

You can try out quickly and easily thanks to ProFit RX. Online. From home.

The process

Step 1

Fill out the form below

The appropriate team(s) will get in touch if you have the skill sets they are looking for. 

Step 2

Download the ProFit App

Search “ProFit Rx” in the Apple store or Google Play Store or click here.  Create a profile in 3 minutes or less.

Step 3

Select the tests YOU want to do.

Click the appropriate team and find a list of tests. You are showing off your strengths, so select your favorites. 

Step 4

Take the tests.

Enter your score and upload video via the app. Thats it! Super simple. 

common questions or concerns

I don’t really get it, what is this.
The combine is the opportunity to try out for a GRID team in the Florida Grid League Season.

GRID is an extremely exciting, true team sport with men and women on up to 18 person teams. Team members play different roles (some only move barbells, some only perform gymnastics movements, some do a little of everything) and come together to create the best team effort to win against the other team they are playing in a given match.

Like other team sports, strategy, communication, team cohesion, leadership, and a myriad of other factors contribute to the best performance as a team.

Explanation of the sport:

But I’m not good enough.
This is the most common concern people have. There are many stories of people having this exact concern, overcoming it, trying out, and making a team.

Remember, you do not need to be well rounded. You do not need an engine. You don’t need to have ever stood on a podium before. This is different.

You do need to be open to putting yourself out there, having a positive attitude about being a member of a team, and have a desire to learn and grow.

Common myths about GRID:

Doubting herself and making a team:

Trying out, not making a team, but getting so much more:

What are the tests?
Each team may be looking for different things, but here is a baseline of tests that are commonly used. There may be some different/additional options depending on the team.

In addition, you can specify your own tests that can be sent in separately. Teams will want to see any special talents you have whether it be a max lift, a big set of your favorite gymnastics movement, or even something obscure like legless rope climbs, fast burpee over box or moving a large stone.

This is all about showcasing your talents to teams can identify if you fill a hole they have.

Sample tests:

Generalist tests:

  • 20 Thrusters for time (135/95)
  • 4 Rope climbs for time (15’)
  • Metcon for time: 15 burpee box-overs (30″/24″ box),15 toes-to-bar, 15 Snatch (135/95)
  • Metcon for time: 60 DU, 4 rope climbs, 15 Clean (165/105)
  • 10 burpee box overs for time (30”/24”)
  • 10 (2)DB burpee over box (24”/20” & 50/30 each hand)

Strength specialist tests:

  • Hang cleans 205 lb men/105 lb women, 10 unbroken for time
  • Hang snatches 165/85, 10 unbroken for time
  • Push jerks 215/115, 10 unbroken for time
  • 5 rep max snatch (touch and go)
  • 2 rep max C&J (20sec time cap, start in prone position)

Bodyweight specialist tests: (record reps or time – can still require a clock in the video for reps based tests as a tiebreaker)

  • Handstand push-ups
  • Double-touches
  • Toes to Bar
  • Muscle up
  • Back uprise
  • 10 deck to pistol for time
How many tests should I do?
As many or as few as you want. The more data a team has, the better they can evaluate, but the tests you will perform well at are typically what the team is going to want to see.
What is the process?
Fill out the form below and appropriate teams looking for your skill-sets will be in touch to set you up and answer any additional questions you have.

Once the tests are taken, a team may ask you for additional tests or for a phone interview or even possibly to come to a practice. Personality is important to being a good member of the team.

Once the team has enough information (it may be the tests alone) they may sign you. Regardless, you will receive an answer within 2 weeks of submission.

What is the time commitment to be a part of the team?
The season is designed to fit into people’s busy schedules. Each team has 4 regular season matches (2 hours apiece) that take place on a weekend. These matches will be spaced out over a 2 month span in September and October. The Playoffs take place in a single weekend starting November 10th.

Beyond that would be team practice time, which is different for each team. It may be as few as 2 practices before the season, or as many as weekly, but we recommend asking the team of your choice their requirements, commute, and schedule.

Our goal as a League is to create flexibility for people of all situations to participate, and use normal scheduled training time as much as possible. We even have options in place if a player needs to miss a match or two.

What is the experience of playing on a team like?
We thought you would best benefit hearing directly from the players on that one.

Sample races.

I’d rather coach or help out team management, what should I do?
Fill out the form below and select “other” for specialties and describe your area of interest in the notes section.
My question wasn’t answered, what should I do?
Ask the chat icon below, shoot us an email at staff@thefgl.com. If the question is team specific, fill out the form below and ask the question in the message box. You will receive contact very soon.


“You get so hyped up. It’s just so much fun. Without saying anything crazy, thats about what I can capture.

I’m ready to go again.”


Utility Player - Captain, Tampa Bay Brigade

“I absolutely love it.

I missed the feeling of being a part of a team. When your out there, for your team, it makes you fight harder, push harder. Plus the camaradery, I love it.”


Strength Specialist, SWFL Sharks

“So compared to a regular comp, there is a lot more energy. It’s second to none. It’s crazy.”

Strength Specialist, Palm Beach Elite

get in touch

Fill out the following form. If a team is in need of your abilities, they will follow up with an invite to their online combine, and answer any team specific questions you have.

There is no obligation, you have nothing to lose. 

How would you best contribute to the team? Check any that apply.