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What is GRID?

It is a true team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in a game consisting of several short, fast, and extrememly exciting races.  Men and women compete together on the same team and players showcase their strengths as their role on their team.


Here’s to the GRID 6 team leader!

The best part about GRID, is also one of it's biggest challenges. It's a team sport. For GRID 6, this means 6 different schedules, personalities, opinions, and attention spans must come together to perform. That does not happen by itself. Someone on the team must step...

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The A Division Match up at GRID 6 Tampa II

These two teams are led by Chris Garrand (Tampa Bay Brigade head coach) and Matt Hornaday (team leader for 3x GRID 6 AA division champion Crossfit Deerfield Beach). They met in the AA division of GRID 6 Finale last November, and placed 1st and 2nd with Deerfield Beach...

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GRID 6 Tampa II – Partner Forward

8-6-4-2 - Deadlift / Dumbell Snatch Female: DL - 115, 145, 175, 205 DB Snatch - 20, 30, 40, 50 Male: DL - 185, 225, 265, 305 DB Snatch -50, 60, 70, 80   Female: DL -155, 185, 215, 245 DB Snatch -30, 40, 50, 60 Male: DL - 225, 265, 305, 345 DB Snatch - 60, 70, 80, 90  ...

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GRID 6 Tampa II – The A division watch party

The A division will feature some of the best GRID players in the state. This includes existing FGL Season players, and top prospects for the 2018 FGL Season. They are a blast to watch! Now that we have a new GRID 6 format, each division will compete on their own. This...

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What is GRID Pong?

Your favorite new party game Take the games you played in a college basements or backyard BBQs, add GRID rules, and you've got GRIDpong.  This is a team game, guaranteed to create unreasonable amounts of competition and fun at any party. The Rules For Time Start at...

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GRID vs CrossFit. The science.

You might assume, by the headline and common assumptions these days, we are here to bash CrossFit. WRONG   We love CrossFit. Everyone that works for us does it regularly, and most participate in the Open, watch the Games, and spread the good word of CrossFit and what...

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GRID 6 Tampa II – Jack and Jill

(60) Situps (40) Knee Raises (20) Toes to Bar   (50) Knees to Elbow (40) Toes Through Rings (30) Toes to Bar   (40) Knees to Elbow (30) Toes to Bar (20) Bar MU   Race rules. One male and one female will enter the GRID at the start of the race.  Either male or female...

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GRID 6 Tampa II – The Biads

(10) OHS 100/65 (1) Rope Climb, (16) KBS 50/35 (14) Pole Facing Burpees 15" (10) Snatch 100/65 (10) OHS 120/80 (2) Rope Climb (16) KBS 70/53 (16) Pole Facing Burpees 15" (10) Snatch 120/80   (10) OHS 145/105, (3) Rope Climb, (20) KBS 70/53 (18) Pole Facing Burpees 15"...

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