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What is GRID?

It is a true team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in a game consisting of several short, fast, and extrememly exciting races.  Men and women compete together on the same team and players showcase their strengths as their role on their team.


Introducing the Online Combine

Play for an fgl team.  You can try out quickly and easily thanks to ProFit RX. Online. From home. Benefits:   Easy - No need to travel or coordinate schedules See how you compare - See how your numbers compare with other potential team players, past player, or just...

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2018 Development Squad Rules

If you are an athlete intrigued by the sport of GRID there is a good chance you have thought about trying out, but ultimately assume you aren’t good enough or are intimidated by your limited knowledge of it. This is very common. If you fall into this camp, it may be...

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