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What is GRID?

It is a true team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in a game consisting of several short, fast, and extrememly exciting races.  Men and women compete together on the same team and players showcase their strengths as their role on their team.


GRID 6 Finale II – Partner Forward

8-6-4-2 - Front squat / Burpee over pole Female: FS -75, 85, 105, 115 Pole Height - 6", 12", 12", 15" Male: FS - 125, 145, 165, 185 Pole Height - 6", 12", 15", 18" Female: FS - 85, 100, 115, 130 Pole Height - 6", 12", 12", 15" Male: FS - 145, 165, 195, 215 Pole...

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The 2018 FGL Season All Star Match

The 2018 Championship weekend features the Conference Championship matches on Saturday the 10th, followed by the Championship match on the afternoon of the 11th. In addition, there will be a GRID 6 event on each morning. Learn more about GRID 6 here. New in 2018,...

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The 2018 FGL Season Playoff Picture

The Southern Conference final regular season match event takes place tomorrow with the Miami Freaks (2-0) taking on the Pompano Pulse (1-1) at 5pm and the Fort Lauderdale Lions (1-1) playing the Palm Beach Elite (0-2) at 7:30. Grab you tickets at 40% off here...

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The Brigade sign past pro Ricky Morgan

The BRIGADE received rough news this week, losing pre-season and projected high impact player Clint Clemens to a torn bicep. They fill a bit of the gaping barbell moving hole left by the loss of Clemens, with an extremely strong, yet well rounded player in...

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