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What is GRID?

It is a true team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in a game consisting of several short, fast, and extrememly exciting races.  Men and women compete together on the same team and players showcase their strengths as their role on their team.


The Champion Fort Lauderdale Lions

After being the last team to sign with the League in 2017 and the only team to go winless that Season, the Fort Lauderdale Lions turn it around in 2018 to hand the Tampa Bay Brigade their first loss ever and take the 2018 Championship.    Watch the live coverage...

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Miami Freaks All Stars

Shane Kaufman   Shane is a bigger player and very efficiently completes movements like burpee to tall ring, and DB burpee over box, but is also efficient at very high skill gymnastics movements like backward roll to support and sled drag hand stand walk. Very few...

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SWFL Sharks All Stars

Leila Elaty    As the female captain and emotional leader of the team, Leila is a strength-biased utility player who was absolutely vital to the Sharks. She was also extremely vital to the success of the Sharks off the GRID, with player recruiting and team marketing....

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Only the top two teams in each division make this race, and it is for all the marbles. This is the race we have all been waiting for. This race will decide the winner of each division, the Champions of GRID 6 Finale II.  Here is an example of a Sprint Relay from the...

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GRID 6 Finale II – Speed Through

6 BUDDY CARRY - Must carry same gender600m ROW - Only with partner at top of deadlift (125/195)60 THRUSTERS - 45lb bar1 SHUTTLE SPRINT - Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4-Finish (return to start between)  7 BUDDY CARRY - Must carry same gender 700m ROW - Only with partner at top of...

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GRID 6 Finale II – Partner Forward

8-6-4-2 - Front squat / Burpee over pole Female: FS -75, 85, 105, 115 Pole Height - 6", 12", 12", 15" Male: FS - 125, 145, 165, 185 Pole Height - 6", 12", 15", 18" Female: FS - 85, 100, 115, 130 Pole Height - 6", 12", 12", 15" Male: FS - 145, 165, 195, 215 Pole...

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