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Just as expected, the match between the Brigade and the Sharks did not disappoint. You’ve probably already seen how the races broke down points wise so I won’t go into that too much here. The match started out with a bang in race 1, the Partner Forward, with the Sharks pulling out a two second victory over the Brigade, just the start they needed. This string start may have shocked the Brigade a little but they seemed to bounce back a little in the Mirror, narrowly escaping two straight losses, with a four second win. The race 2 win definitely lit a fire in the Brigade as they rattled off four straight wins through the echos, really showing the natural talent their team has in its lineup. Building some strong momentum like that can be exactly what a team needs to get through the Ladder. While the Sharks put up an impressive fight the Brigade just snuck in enough points to gain the 2-point swing. At this point anyone following along may think that all those race wins in a row that this match was all but over, but the Sharks weren’t giving up yet. They came out in the Jack and Jill and put on a show with some huge sets from the men on their team and convincingly won race 8. Possibly a little surprised by that win, the Brigade decided to really try to hammer it home and threw their bonus flag in race 9, the Women’s Triad, which proved to be a smart move. Riding off the race 8 win the men of the Brigade handled their business and won race 10. With the match mathematically over at this point, the Sharks didn’t give up and fought all the way to the end winning race 11, my personal favorite, the Sprint Relay.

Looking at the race stats online this looked like a pretty convincing win by the Brigade. They definitely came out and showed that they are going to be a force in this league with some serious raw talent. Which is a good thing they have because they did probably make more mistakes than the Sharks but that talent was able to make up for it, this time. My hats off to the Sharks, they are scrappy and it’s evident that they are a well-practiced team just didn’t have enough firepower this match to compete. Given a different format it may have been an entirely different story.

I’m so pumped to finally be able to watch some GRID again and can’t wait till the next matches. Congratulations go out to both teams. We’ll see if the Brigade can continue to push through on their raw talent and if the Sharks can learn from this match and really bring it next time.