FGL Season Players

What it means to be a player in the FGL Season.

Play on a highly competitive sports team, representing your city, playing the exciting sport of GRID in a full season for a $20,000 Championship prize.



The experience

  • A very fun and rewarding, coed team sports, full season experience
  • Feel the fun of utilizing your physical strengths as the best way to contribute to your team. Don’t stress your weaknesses
  • Compete in 2 hour, high speed, high excitement matches in front of a crowd
  • Represent your city and help strengthen your regional fitness community

The perks

  • Develop sponsorship opportunity through exposure and League wide sponsor deals
  • Earn commission toward player dues on team products sold through player page
  • Receive League and team sponsor gifts
  • Receive a custom designed team uniform with your name on it. ($140 retail value)
  • Have a shot at your cut at the $20,000 dollar grand prize and the FGL Season Championship title

The personal benefits

  • Have a unique, incredibly fun, once in a lifetime type experience
  • Bond and network with other great athletes and fitness leaders
  • Develop and create exposure for your personal brand
  • Develop your interpersonal skills through the teamwork, communication, strategy and leadership of team sports

The process

  • Contact team or League owners to answer any questions or to receive more information
  • Try out at a team held Combine to show off your strengths, interact with team leaders, and have a shot at making the cut to experience actual GRID racing. 
  • If you impress team leaders at the Combines, sign with the team you want to play for

Read player signing rules here

View more information on the combines here

Learn what teams are available to play for here

The player dues

  • A player’s total dues responsibility for the entire season is $250.
  • Any fees paid to attend combines are contributed toward the total dues if you make a team.
  • With a minimum of 3 matches per team, the fee per competition is a maximum of $83.

A League for another type of athlete.

As a high level athlete, you work really hard. There are hundreds, if not thousands of athletes in Florida that work as hard as any Regional athlete out there, but have a limitation in one dimension of their fitness that keeps them from the top. In GRID, you are not penalized for your body type or engine, and in fact, are rewarded as much for specialization as a well rounded skill set. You contribute to your team with the best physical ability you have… your strengths. The FGL Season gives another high level competition opportunity for a wider range of athlete types.


In addition, GRID brings back the feeling of playing on a sports team again. Like a football team, athletes have different roles and must work together strategically. The difference is, these teams have women and men playing together yielding an even more enhanced team atmosphere than you remember. Combine this with a high energy, high adrenaline, high excitement, spectator friendly format based on speed, strategy, and amazing feats of human performance and the outcome is something very special.

Player responsibilities

Exact requirements will be determined by the team that signs you. That said, here is a general list.

  • Try out or solicit a team to play for
  • Ability to commit time to team practices in late summer/early fall
  • Ability to commit to roughly 3-4 weekend matches in the fall of 2017

If you are interested in competing this fall, fill out the form below and we will keep you informed of the latest regarding teams joining the league and the talent acquisition process.

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