Announcement Daytona

The 2022 Florida Grid League Season is heating up with the addition of a new team led by an Olympic level coach in Andrew Mattox of Amp Training out of Daytona Florida and Kid’s Grid founder out of South Florida in Paul Behar. 

The team will fill the void recently left by the Miami Freaks and will not only absorb some talent left by that team but inject new fresh talent that is used to competing at a very high level and will surely impact the current strength talent dynamic of the League. 

Mattox is an Olympic weightlifting and track and field coach with years of experience in developing strength and conditioning for various sports including Football and other teams sports. Some of the talent he has developed has gone on to compete at the highest level including internationally.

He says of the opportunity to bring a new team to the League:

“I’ve had my eye on the sport of GRID for a few years. I became involved with some of the players, came to the matches in 2021, and was hooked. I see the potential of the sport and believe we, as a team, can have an immediate impact on the League. I can’t wait to get started”

Behar joined the development of the sport of GRID early on when he saw a need to create a kid accessible level through his passion for coaching kids classes at local CrossFit boxes. He’s also been an integral member of the FGL staff on equipment and has a deep understanding of the sport that will be very useful on the coaching staff.

Behar states:

“GRID has had a huge impact on me since 2019 when I started coaching kids to play. What I’ve learned from the past 3 seasons is the way to thrive on the GRID is through teamwork. I believe Coach Mattox and I are going to be a powerful force together in the 2022 season!”

Commissioner Mather Wiswall describes the Daytona team’s entry into the League:

“When I first spoke with Andrew I could quickly tell we were on the same page about the direction of competition and sports in society along with the impact the sport of GRID can have on it. Paul has been integral to the growth of the sport of GRID so far. Their combination of world-class athlete development and intimate knowledge of GRID play will create a strong team in the League.”

Team branding information TBA.

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