Longtime FGL supporters Healthy Xpress sign on to partner not only with the League itself but also the Miami Freaks and the Fort Lauderdale Lions as well.  

This means that Lions and Freaks Players will get access to Healthy Xpress meals throughout the Season and discounts off of meal subscriptions as well.  Sponsored players are eligible to be featured in promotional videos throughout the Season.

When asked why she’s investing so much in the FGL, owner Pamela says “I’m just very excited to see this sport grow and support any way I can.”  

Healthy Xpress has been involved with the FGL since the first GRID 6 in Fort Myers in 2016, seeing the excitement of GRID and getting hooked immediately.  They have since attended every GRID 6 since, and sponsored the Fort Lauderdale Lions in the 2017 Season.

Look for Healthy Xpress at the Southern conference matches this Season, and if you would like to try their delicious yet nutritious meals, visit www.healthyxpress.com and use code ‘FGL’ to get $25 off of your first order.  

If you are interested in partnering with the FGL or a team, send an email to Lexi@thefgl.com.