Healthy Xpress concept was created for busy professionals by busy professionals who did not have time to cook and want to eat healthy delicious food that is prepared fresh on day of delivery. Located in the Miami area and delivering food to both Dade & Broward counties, Healthy Xpress provides healthy, portioned control, fresh meals to residents in both counties. One of the largest delivery services in the South Florida working with different crossfit boxes, fitness studios, and companies in order to provide a healthy meal to our customers.

Our chefs develop menus that are healthy& tasty at the same time. Let’s us do the shopping, cleaning, and cooking for you so you can eat healthy and reach your goals faster. We also offer personalized macros depending on individual needs. Contact us in order to speak with a specialist. For more info call or email

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TANGO MIKE – Phonetic speech for “Thanks Much,” commonly used by the US Military in radio communications.

We are a Service Disabled, Infantry Veteran Owned, Pop-Up Cafe operating in West Broward (Coral Springs, Margate, and Coconut Creek).

In the infantry, CAFFEINE is essential to operations.  Some of you may have seen Black Hawk Down and remember the speech by Grimes about what makes a good cup of coffee. Point is, we take this stuff pretty damn seriously. Operating for days on end under heavy stress with a lot fo weight on you, all while trying to accomplish a mission and bringing your men back safely…coffee always gets us started for those days, and keeps us going whenever we can get a break.

As many Veterans are leaving the US Military after having served in the Global War on Terrorism, we are coming home and starting businesses, continuing service in the public sector, and taking leadership roles in politics. Our goal is to support our fellow Veterans with our own company model and creating a foundation to provide the startup capital to own one themselves, all while utilizing fellow veteran-owned businesses’ products and methods.

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We are Iron & Rescue. A lifestyle and apparel brand designed to appeal to all types of athletes and animal advocates.

It all started as a small idea to find a way to combine my love of fitness and the fitness community with animal advocacy. Our motto is Eat. Lift. Rescue. This is more than just a brand or lifestyle, it’s a movement. Every purchase donates a pound of dog food to rescues and animals in need.

Let us know where you’re from! Tag us in your workout photos and videos and photos of your pup, we would love to see and be able to donate to a rescue in your city.

If you’re local to the South Florida area and would like to schedule us for an event at your box or gym we can bring some apparel and you can bring your pups for a photo session! It’ll be a great time.

We’re just getting started, and are a very small business, but hope to be able to make a BIG difference. Thank you for all of your support!

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We are an office filled with a passion of health and fitness. Our staff not only cares for active bodies, but are active themselves. We understand the human body from both an academic standpoint as well as a practical understanding of how the body works at its prime, and experiencing how that feels are completely different thing. We want to help restore muscular balance, reduce pain and inflammation, and decrease recovery time so that each person we lay our hands on can EXPERIENCE how amazing our bodies can be! We believe that massage isn’t a luxury, but rather a necessity, and we treat it as such. Your time spent on our table means more to us then a paycheck. We care about the overall well-being of every BODY that walks through our door. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, or have 5% body fat, you simply have to care about the future of your body; Let us do the rest! If you’re new to massage, or have questions about how massage could work for you, please call or text us or visit our online scheduling site and book a FREE consultation!
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From the humble beginnings of selling a single shirt out of a box in the back of a truck to being a Vendor at The CrossFit Games Southeast Regional event and shipping products worldwide, Box Junkie has become a common term within the CrossFit community.  Our brand has become recognizable and trusted in our Local community as well as across the United States and beyond.

Through our growth as a lifestyle brand we have been able to help our biggest supporters along the way by assisting them not only financially, but through motivation and every way possible in order to achieve their goals.  From local fitness competitions to stepping into the world of MMA, The CrossFit Games and individual personal achievements, we have thrived in helping others reach their potential.  Box Junkie has taken part in fundraisers, charity events, and everything in between which is the most gratifying of all.  We are staunch supporters of the U.S. Armed Forces, Police and Fire Departments all across the USA as well as all other First Responders who protect this great nation both home and abroad.

We appreciate your time and support and look forward to being able to earn your trust and bring you into the Box Junkie Family one day soon.

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Callus Performance® is designed by athletes for athletes, we have assured its design will prevent the ripping of your hand by strengthening the callus area in order to be able to continue your regular workout routine. Callus Performance® works in in two easy ways: by trimming and by shaving the calluses; this will level the calluses with the rest of your hands by carefully removing excess skin. Most of the callus treating products in the market are very aggressive and weaken the live skin around the callus, instead, Callus Performance® trims most of the callus and strengthens the area to prevent it from ripping again.

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I’m fit, but my love of running, cycling and swimming have contributed to a variety of minor sports injuries, and one of those injuries required physical therapy. The PT treated me and finished the session by applying some tape to my leg.

When I asked if this was the same tape I had seen during the Olympics, the answer was yes.

I was skeptical about the tape, but after a week my injury was healing nicely and I also noticed that my legs felt pretty good after a long ride. I started doing more research on the tape’s effects and that’s when I discovered that the tape can be used to enhance performance. (Going stronger, longer…)

After trying the tape on friends and family with good results, I got excited and talked to a number of companies about buying and selling the tape. The response I got was frankly, crazy: no one wanted to sell me tape unless I became “certified” in their specific taping methods. It was their way of making the tape more exclusive and expensive. I decided there had to be a better way to get this great product into the hands of those who needed it, so I located a source, modified the formula and formed RockTape.

I hope you love RockTape as much as I do, but if you don’t, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So what do you have to lose?

Try RockTape today, and see how it can enhance your sports performance!

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Do you know what makes LYFT-RX different from other tape? It’s made out of a special blend of self-adhering, breathable, non-slip material, woven to be durable but flexible. Forget the tape that rips, slides, or limits movement. Go with the tape athletes love – and Amazon’s Choice! ????
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As a small company with a big heart, our goal continues to be to provide you with the best products, experience, and customer service. Simply put: We care about you. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our WOD & DONE
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Zevia believes in a true commitment – the mission to create clean, delicious, and refreshing beverages with an honest emotional connection is the reason why we’re in business, with fizz to boot.

REFRESH at lunch or during your commute, HYDRATE when you’re hanging out or after a workout, PEP UP at break time or before a work out, WIND DOWN at the end of your day with a relaxing mocktail or cocktail. Whatever the occasion, Zevia has you covered with the flavor you crave without the stuff you don’t.

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