MyoPux – After years of refinement and innovation, Resiliency Project founder, Troy Willis, was proud to bring MyoPux to the market. MyoPux is the most portable and affordable Electronic Muscle Stimulation available. They’ve honed the very best programs and intuitive technology to offer superior ease-of-use without wires and without any compromises on results. Once athletes discover the incredible benefits of resting recovery, there’s no going back to compromised workouts due to swelling or muscle pain.
The Resiliency Project’s first tool, the LeopardClaw, is made using the finest medical grade stainless steel. This sleek tool performs multiple functions of the technique known as “Gua Sha”, commonly known as IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization). This technique dates back more than 1500 years and  was used by ordinary people to increase blood flow and promote healing.

Rx Coffee was born out of a love for Fitness, Adventure and Specialty Coffee. They have a Passion of Forging Specialty Coffee Knowledge and Fitness to Fuel Your Journey in Life.At Rx Coffee they believe in providing the highest quality specialty coffee that is small batch roasted by their master roasters who have fine-tuned their craft down to an exact science. They deliver fresh roasted to coffee to all 50 sates and internationally. Their coffee, except for espresso blends, is single origin specialty coffee, carefully selected from top lots, and sustainably sourced.  Each roast has been perfected by a master roaster and roasted to bring out the most flavors in the beans.  They ensure that thier customers know they are getting fresh roasted coffee by placing a roasted on date on every single bag.  This is truly one of a kind small batch roasted limited edition coffee.

Joseph Flores, Owner and Operator JFLO has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 16 years. He began his career with a company called Affiliated Healthcare Centers of Miami which he had been a part of since his start as a Therapist. He uses multiple techniques to keep our athletes performance ready consisting of sports massage, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping and more! Book your appointment now to #getyourbloodFloin.

All things Screen Printing and embroidery, specializing in Sports and Fitness! TenFit offers quality, affordable, t-shirt printing and embroidery services to all schools, businesses, and groups, specializing in the sports and fitness communities!