Established in: 2020

Best finish: 2nd place in the 2020 season

Last year’s rank: 2nd place

Notable Player:
Laura Braun (#29) – Strength Specialist
She was a former strength specialist on the 2016 NPGL Championship team. She also has been in CrossFit since 2011 and was a 2014 individual south regional and 2016 team south regional competitor

New Signs:
Casey Blowe (#21) – Strength Specialist.
She played in several GRID related events but has never played in the Season due to life circumstances, despite being signed for the past 3 Seasons. Background in basketball, CrossFit and lifting.
Nick Shappee (#23) – Strength Specialist
Wrestled and Competitive cheered at Limestone University

Notable Performances: As a newly branded team, they played for the first time in the 2020 As 1 Tournament and finished in 2nd place 

Favorite races: Wild loves to throw the “bonus flag” in the ladder race, they got their 3 points in every ladder race they played in 2020.

About: The Gainesville Wild is a new team (formerly the Jacksonville Steel) that made a BIG first impression ending the 2020 season with 2nd place. The Wild lost in the championship match by only 3 points against the very experienced Fort Lauderdale Lions. With not a lot of experience in the FGL but with competitive players willing to step up in every race, the Wild are ready to shine again in the 2021 season with a core of returning players from the 2020 season. We can not wait to see how Wild this team is going to be.