Danny Jackson

Danny Jackson

Head Coach


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Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana; being surrounded by health, fitness, and sport blossomed a great interest in everything the body was/is capable of accomplishing. My life began with integration into all sports; which eventually led to pursuing swimming in college. I swam at the University of Evansville for my first couple of years of undergraduate work until I transferred to Indiana University in my Junior year (I was not fast enough to swim for them). This began a great interest in coaching, and I worked as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with Bloomington High School South Boy’s Swimming and Diving for the remainder of my undergraduate years. 

In 2013, my wife began active duty with the United States Army, and we began a life of moving frequently (Indiana to Texas to Florida (me) to South Carolina to Georgia), which forced my swim coaching career to come to a brief conclusion; however, I picked up a significant level of experience coaching within the CrossFit world. During the years 2013 to 2017, we moved 4 times as a family (6 times for myself as I established a short three-month CrossFit coaching job in Lake Mary, Florida). My wife gave birth to three healthy girls while I was able to finish my Masters in Coach Education and Athlete Development from Xavier University. Since I am a masochist, I have begun another Masters in Education program with Mizzou (Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership), and am concurrently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership: Health and Human Performance from Concordia University-Chicago. Needless to say, I am offensively busy; however, it is 100% by choice as this is what I need to pursue anything within the spectrum of sports psychology. Subjectively, sports psychology is a magnificent field that I hope to one day thrive within.   

 We now reside in Canton, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta). Here I currently work as a swim coach to help teach elite-level CrossFit athletes how to swim, coach a local swim team, Head Coach/Owner for the Gainesville Wild, professor in Health Promotion and Physical Education at Kennesaw State University, Head Coach of the Kennesaw State Masters Swim Team, a part-time lifeguard and instructor, and Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game collector and seller. To keep busy, the majority of my time is spent having philosophical, theoretical, and applicable conversations on how to improve the physiological parameters and psychological well-being of athletes.