Josh Rundall - #32

Josh Rundall - #32

Bodyweight Specialist


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Year one I wanted to see grid and compete! The first match I was on my back within 3 minutes it was like doing Fran every race! So its safe to say I was hooked especially aftwt having one of the largest double touch sets in the league.Then Learning on the fly how to do butterfly muscle ups, hand stand walks over plates, or with a ball between your legs, back up rises, burpee back flips. The rush is like no other sport I have played which was football, track, fencing, weightlifting, powerlifting, cross fit, etc. Within an hour you can do more things than you can think of in the gym and they change every match!! Rookie on the all star team first year, second year ????

Back for the championship!

Player Stats

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 180lbs
Max stats:

72 pull ups
50 Player Stats
19 butterfly muscle ups
4.3 40 yard dash