The sport of GRID is something completely different than the world has ever seen before, however, because many of the elements are the same as CrossFit movements, people often have trouble understanding the difference. Because of this we are creating a series of posts to help demonstrate the difference from several different perspectives.

Erica Stokes first played GRID at the inaugural GRID 6 in 2016 in the AA Division.  Her team, the Thunderbuddies took home 1st place. See video below:


She played again in GRID 6 Miami and was hooked. She put her focus on making an FGL Season team.

Erica was signed and played as a strength specialist in the 2017 FGL Season, helping take the Freaks to the South Division Finals where they narrowly lost to the Palm Beach Elite.  Read about her background and what she loves about GRID:


FGL – What is your athletic background?

I was a dancer for about 15 years and competed nationally. I played volleyball for 8 years and was an All-State athlete in Connecticut. .


FGL – What is your favorite part about the sport of GRID? 

My favorite part of GRID is that although it’s great I get to do what I’m already pretty good at, I’m constantly being pushed to cycle faster or lift heavier and I love finding ways to be more efficient on the GRID for my Team. I also secretly love the hyped up Team hugs when we win a race!


FGL – What does it feel like being a barbell specialist in a close race?

The adrenaline helps for sure…there are so many variables in each race that I try to only stay focused on my part. Regardless of what type of Player you are I think everyone feels the pressure. A close race comes down to preparedness – no matter what equipment we’re using, if the Team is ready for that race, it will show in the end. .



FGL – What is the Freaks’ culture like? Explain what it means to be a Freak to you.


It was great to know a lot of the Players before the League started so I think that helped to create a really great atmosphere during practice but even the Players from other gyms quickly became family. The best example I can give happened during a Partner Forward race in the Regular Season; I fell short of expectations in the last Quadrant and I was pretty torn up about it. That’s the first race of the match and I felt like I let my Team down. I jogged back to the Start Line only to get a ton of positivity. That was a game changer in how I saw the rest of the match and how I saw my Team. I’m so grateful for the vibe that Coach Storm gave our Team..

What do you think needs to change on the Team to help them perform at their best this year?

I think we just need to be better prepared for a race not to go as planned. Each match is a two-hour rollercoaster of emotions where we run on adrenaline and our pre-match acai bowls (a Freak tradition) so we need to remember than anything can happen. Losing a race doesn’t equal losing the match but winning a race doesn’t secure the W either.


How is GRID different than CrossFit?

GRID is a game – there’s so much strategy involved. For those of you reading that don’t love CrossFit – the only real thing the two have in common are some movements, and the clock. For those of you that love CrossFit – GRID has helped me communicate/ transition better during team comps, strategize smarter, and move faster in CrossFit.


Erica has re-signed with the Miami Freaks for the 2018 Season. Play on Erica’s team or learn more at the links below.