Healthy Xpress concept was created for busy professionals by busy professionals who did not have time to cook and want to eat healthy delicious food that is prepared fresh on day of delivery.  Located in the Miami area and delivering food to both Dade & Broward counties, Healthy Xpress provides healthy, portioned control, fresh meals to residents in both counties. One of the largest delivery services in the South Florida working with different crossfit boxes, fitness studios, and companies in order to provide a healthy meal to our customers.

Freakin’ CrossFit’s strength and conditioning program is insanely EXCITING, INVIGORATING, CHALLENGING, FUN and for EVERYONE! With a well-designed, professional CrossFit program like Freakin’ CrossFit, there’s no gimmicks. There’s no endlessly boring hours spent in a mirrored gym doing the same routines over and over. And no exorbitant hourly, private trainer fees.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and see for yourself how Freakin’ CrossFit can help you expand your fitness knowledge and performance.

At Freakin’ Nutrition we don’t want to be your 21 day quick fix. There’s no such thing. Our focus is to make everyone that joins our program a more complete individual who can take these lessons with them for life. We want nutrition to allow you to live a happier and healthier life. You’ll have the benefit of a coach who will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal to reach your goals. No matter the age, athlete level, or goal we have a plan to get you there!
The goal of Freakin Weightlifting is to expand the sport of Weightlifting to EVERYONE. Weightlifting is one of the safest sports in the world and is available to the extremely young (11 years old) and the seasoned athlete with no age limit. Along with the fun, excitement, it is a great way to stay in shape and motivated.  The program will be safely conducted at the Freakin’ CrossFit facility, with frequent “field” trips outside the facility to USAW- Sanctioned lifting meets for those who are interested in taking their lifting skills to the sports arena.

To accomplish this, Freakin Weightlifting has a monthly membership, to 3 coached classes a week, along with Open Gym times to get in any extra training.

ProTech Fitness provides commercial fitness equipment repair services and preventative maintenance services to the hotel, business, and fitness center marketplace in New England. All of our technicians are  certified with all major manufacturers. Together we have over 25 years of service expertise.

Ameri-temps Employment Inc. is a group of seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the employment staffing of the construction industry. By using Ameri-temps to staff your projects, you avoid the administrative costs associated with staffing. We provide you with quality, safety-conscious employees who will get the job done right and expediently. Whatever your project needs are for skilled or unskilled personell at any level or stage of construction, we can provide screened tested workers for that need.

AntiVenom is our secret formula for optimizing performance, recovery, and longevity.

AntiVenom contains 21 essential oils, organic and natural ingredients that penetrate deep into joints, muscle and soft tissue which help to warm up, activate, and mobilize the body. Use it before training to help activate the muscles, delay muscle fatigue and keep the joints functioning smoothly. Use it after training to ease muscle pain and promote the recovery process.

Socks have suddenly become trendy. For as long as we can remember, they’ve been our allies on the journey of life; we just never really acknowledged them. So the time has come for them to step out of their shell. The movement has been such, that top influencers from the art and sports world have collaborated with renowned brands. However, Anatag is not just another sock brand. First off, we’re all about taking art and making a statement in motion. Our inspiration comes from Latin American tribes, and just like them, our products are filled with color, life and beauty. Furthermore, our designs are unique and our materials are of the highest quality.

The UBALL is all about U, the amazing Athlete. It’s a product by Athletes for Athletes. You see, the UBALL was created out of necessity. A necessity that developed over years of various nagging injuries, sitting too much, and wanting to move better. I did a lot of mobility drills and techniques as well as rounds of various physical therapy (primarily for my knees) and becoming knowledgeable about how the body should move. All of this definitely helped, no doubt about it. There are some great resources [Dr. Kelly Starrett – you’re the best, Bro!; Ido Portal has some great You Tube videos on simple but effective drills; and many others]. Sitting less by using a makeshift stand up desk definitely helped, too.

WOD&DONE Grips were created to fill the void in comfortable functional hand protection during high intensity training. As a gym owner, I have witnessed countless injuries to the skin of my athletes’ palms during high repetition pull-ups, kettlebell swings and barbell movements featured in CrossFit and functional fitness. These rips and tears are extremely painful and take a long time to heal and if you ever had one of these, you know the hesitation you experience the next time these movements are programmed for your CrossFit workout.