Darren Lasso - #7

Darren Lasso - #7

Bodyweight Specialist


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Darren is 24 years old. Currently residing in Sarasota, FL. Darren started functional fitness in August of 2016. Currently in school to receive a bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a future goal of becoming a chiropractic physician. He LOVES competing, especially in teams. Anything bodyweight/gymnastics related is his specialty. Darren enjoys learning new things about himself every day, and ways on how to improve my performance and become more efficient.


Height: 5’10”
Weight 195 lbs
Max stats

  • Unbroken Ring MU: 15
  • Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups: 20
  • Unbroken Double Touches: 15
  • Unbroken Triple Touches: 9
  • 50ft Handstand Walk: 13.8 seconds
  • Unbroken Triple Unders: 25
  • Unbroken Handstand Pushups: 45
  • Unbroken Chest To Bar Pullups: 33