Evelyn Balich – Utility player for the Palm Beach Breakers

by Jan 26, 2022Player Feature

What is a brief overview of your origin story. Where you grew up, early family situation, athletic background, school, early jobs, travel, etc?

I am from Argentina, I did all my school and high school until I graduated as a public accountant, then I met crossfit and currently I continue preparing for it, to compete, I do not have a background, only swimming for a few years but I had to learn everything from scratch so it is a satisfaction today to be able to train like this.

What is your current occupation, family situation, and focus in life?

Currently I only train, in my free time I do accounting things, in Argentina I live with my mother and my sister who are my support. 

How do you prepare to play on the GRID and other forms of competition. How do you think about nutrition, training, and other factors that contribute to your readiness?:

To play on the grid I start a few months before to practice some of the schemes that they send me or what I have to do, to compete, all year round, I do not like to rest or take long times, nutrition is the most important thing, not only in order to do a sport, be healthy in the life in general. 

Describe what is it like to play on your team?:

I did not participate much, the only moments where I did it was cool.

How did you get involved in GRID? Did you come through the American Grid Trials? Tell us the story!:

In a pandemic, nothing could be done, I called the stencion to see it in instsgram and I sent some messages to the teams to see if they needed any member and well the brakers after sending me to do some tests they involved me.

What is important for people to know about the sport of GRID? How does it compare to your other forms of competition?:

that in grid you do not have time for anything just to execute and an error can cost dear haha! 

Watch Evelyn in action against the Fort Lauderdale Lions