Grace Thompson is a GRID OG, having experience in all forms of GRID since 2015, including multiple GRID 6.  Her experience isn’t her only asset though – as a smaller sized bodyweight specialist she is one of the fastest in the league at cycling gymnastics reps.  Read more about Grace:

FGL: What is your athletic background?

I grew up doing gymnastics, soccer and lacrosse.

FGL: What is your favorite part of the sport of GRID?

My favorite part about GRID is getting to be on a team again, I always loved utilizing the best people for their best position. It’s hard to be great at everything and that’s what your teammates are for.

FGL: You played in the first FGL throwdown in 2015 – how has the FGL evolved since then?

Everyone is so much better now, athletes are more familiar with the speed of transitions and checking their egos. Every second counts and everyone is better at knowing their limits and when to tag in a teammate to win the race. It’s a different world now.

FGL: Explain your role on the team.

I’m the one that does all the extra reps to help out my teammates that don’t like doing burpees or box jumps hahah I’m willing to take one or two for the team.

FGL: What does it feel like to be a bodyweight specialist in a close race?

It’s so much fun, I still get so nervous before every race and the adrenaline can either make or break you. I focus on using my nerves on to stay ahead of the opponent.

FGL: What is the Elite’s team’s biggest advantage?

The level of experience of our players, this year having NPGL players join our team will only force everyone else to level up and we are going to be unstoppable.

If you’re interested in playing on the Elite with Grace, check out their Combine coming up on June 22nd at CrossFit Palm Beach – click the links below for more information.