After a loss against the South Beach Palms, the Miami Freaks needed to win their match-up against the Palm Beach Breakers in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Tensions were high but they pulled through and found themselves with a win & move on to the Conference Finals.

0:00 – Miami Freaks Team
0:43 – Breakers on TRULY
0:54 – Matt Hornaday (Breaker’s Head Coach)
1:15 – Partner Forward Race (Breakers Win)
1:30 – Mirror Race (Freaks Win)
1:42 – Ladder Race (Freaks Win)
1:58 – Erika Kaufman (Freak’s Player)
2:13 – Ringer Away Race (Breakers Win)
2:42 – Jack and Jill Race (Freaks Win)
3:22 – Sprint Relay Race (Freaks Win)
—-End of the Race—-

More excitement to come on 10/9/2021 at the Championships!
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