Coming off of a 2017 clinch of the Southern Conference and a few point shy of the overall FGL Season Championship, Elite owner Chris Heuwetter of 98 Buck Social decided to bring in some help with team management and partnered up with Matt Hornaday who comes with years of corporate management experience at Best Buy and Office Depot. A current real estate agent, Matt has been involved with GRID for years including multiple GRID 6 Championships with his team out of CrossFit Deerfield Beach.

Matt will also be joining multiple Games team athlete and Elite head coach Danielle Szpindor as team leadership. Matt says of the opportunity:

“It really seems like my skill sets will be a great compliment to Chris and Danielle’s and we are in a great position to build upon a successful 2017 year that came up just short of the ultimate goal. I told the FGL Commissioner he might as well fill in “Palm Beach Elite” on the $20,000 check right now.“

Another huge asset coming to the Elite in the deal is Gaby Moestar who was part of Matt’s Champion GRID 6 teams and built her GRID experience as a referee during the Season last year. Gaby will be helping Danielle scout and recruit talent in South Florida for the team.

If you are interested in playing for the Palm Beach Elite, reach out to Gaby or sign up for their combine coming up on July 22nd at CrossFit Palm Beach.