The Florida Grid League’s third 2017 Season team hails from Palm Beach and has been acquired by Chris Heuwetter and Scotty Angelo.  The FGL Season will consist of GRID teams representing cities in Florida competing in a regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship for a $20k Grand Prize.   Learn more about the FGL Season here.

The team joins the Miami Freaks in the Southern Conference, and the Tampa Bay Brigade of the Northern Conference for the 2017 season, with at least 3 other Teams to come.  Palm Beach also plans to field a team for the upcoming GRID 6 in Tampa on May 20th, 2017.

The Palm Beach team (name TBA) will base their training and operations out of CrossFit Palm Beach where Heuwetter has been a coach for the past 4 years.

Chris Heuwetter saw the potential with GRID and became passionate about it in 2014. He jumped at the opportunity to be a pillar of the sport’s growth in his local market with the FGL.  This passion, he believes, plus his current company, 98 Buck Social which manages social media for over 600 clients in various industries and working with businesses all over the world, will only add to the success of his Palm Beach Team.  He says:

“There are so many amazing athletes in South Florida that simply need a platform to showcase their abilities and give them the opportunity to drive their athletic career forward. We hope to create a fun, exciting, and unique experience for both athletes and the fans that love them, as well as a very successful company and brand presence.”

Heuwetter’s partner, Scotty Angelo also is a successful entrepreneur with Oceana Coffee, a high end coffee company that has two locations, is an internationally awarded roaster, and the Golden Bean recipient this year.  The two together are excited to combine their passions for business and fitness.
If you are interested in playing for, or working with the Palm Beach team, the FGL Season or to find out what other team markets are available, learn more here or email