August 26th @ CrossFit Cape Coral

Maybe you have heard the hype about the FGL Season. Or you saw someone you know get signed. Here is you chance to challenge yourself, try something new, and get a taste of the excitement, fun, and different experience of GRID.

GRID is about using your strengths to contribute to the team. If you can move a barbell effectively, or can rep out gymnastics movements, have a great balance of the two, or just like to move FAST… the SWFL Sharks could be looking for you to join their quest to win $20k and bring the FGL Season Championship home to SWFL.

How the Combine Works:

The Combine is divided into the following portions of a single day.


Morning Session

This is your chance to show off your best or favorite skills. YOU choose any and all tests you feel will best position yourself to be desirable in the eyes of a coach. You are free to interact and ask questions with team and League leadership. You can even show other skills not listed if you feel relevant.

  • Refs are basically to count reps/record time only. If an athlete does not meet the standards it reflects on their performance and can be noted by coaching staff and will result in an athlete getting a lower score.
  • There will be several stations set-up throughout the space to accommodate the tests. Multiple tests can be performed on single stations

Below are a list of some samples of possible tests available during the combine:

NPGL GRID score tests:

  1. Muscle-up: complete as many unbroken ring muscle-ups as possible, recording reps and total time.
  2. Thruster: complete 20 thrusters (135 lb for men; 95 lb for women) as fast as possible, subject to a 4-minute time cap.
  3. Rope climb: complete four (4) rope climbs to a height of 15 feet, each as fast as possible, subject to a 2-minute time cap.
  4. Clean and jerk: complete a two-repetition maximum clean and jerk, subject to a 20-second time cap. Start with chest to deck.
  5. Metcon: 15 burpee box-overs (30″/24″ box) followed by 15 toes-to-bar followed by 15 power snatches (135 lb for men; 95 lb for women) for total time. Subject to a 5-minute time cap.

Strength specialist tests:

  • Hang cleans 205 lb men/105 lb women, 10 unbroken for time
  • Hang snatches 165/85, 10 unbroken for time
  • Push jerks 215/115, 10 unbroken for time
  • 5 rep max snatch

Bodyweight specialist tests: (Max unbroken sets, recording number of reps and time to complete)

  • Handstand push-ups
  • Double-touches
  • Triple Touches
  • Toes to Bar

Utility GRID simulation metcons for time:

  1. 60 DU
  2. 4 Rope Climb
  3. 15 clean @165/105



Cuts are made, players will be selected and placed onto teams for the afternoon session.


Afternoon Session

Races will be run with teams coached by Team or League officials.

  • You DO NOT need any prior GRID knowledge to partake in these races. The job of the coach is to prepare and make relevant assignments within the time allotted.
  • There will be time before each race in which teams will collaborate and plan for execution.
  • A player’s communication skills, teamwork skills and real time interaction is very much under consideration. (in addition to physical performance)





Players will be selected and announced. Interviews and photographs with those selected to follow.

  • Several selections will be made on the day of the Combine, however, selections may be made after, as well, as long as in accordance to the Player Signing Rules. 





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