With a lot of smiles and expert smack-talk, Leila Elaty played a huge role for the SWFL Sharks in the 2017 inaugural FGL Season. 


Originally considering herself a strength specialist, Leila discovered that she had more to offer her team.

Read on to learn more about Leila and the Shark’s plan to dominate this Season. If you enjoy what she has to say here, don’t miss much more on her blog!

FGL – What is your athletic background?

I actually was a dancer and gymnast growing up… which is the biggest plot twist because I can’t dance for sh*t and gymnastics is one of my bigger weaknesses. My mom let us do whatever sports we wanted when we were younger but I didn’t stick with any of them. CrossFit was the first sport I actually felt like I could excel in.


FGL – What is your favorite part of the sport of GRID?

I love the camaraderie and messing with the other Teams. I’ve made a lot of friends this past year and so it’s fun to talk smack to them. I also love the unknown of GRID. A team could win the first couple races but lose the match. That always keeps you on your toes!

FGL – Explain your role on the team both physically and emotionally. How do you approach that role physically and mentally?

Well, I started off as a strength specialist and after the Combine I was quickly moved to utility. I’m pretty open to do whatever it takes to help my Team out. I would tell Nick, “tell me what you need me to do and I’ll find a way to do it” which usually ended with me on the floor after a race.

I’m a very competitive person but I’ve learned that I’m wasting my time if I’m not having fun. There’s a lot of pressure in GRID and so I would try to remind my teammates to SMILE and HAVE FUN because that’s all that matters at the end of the day. That’s when people perform their best anyways!



FGL – Describe your relationship with Coach Habich

Who is Coach Habich? Is that what I’m supposed to call him? Well I have a very unique relationship with Nick. He kicks me off the team about 3x every practice… I couldn’t even tell you why. Sometimes I can be standing there and he’ll just tell me I’m off the Team.


He’s awesome though and he actually has become a good friend of mine. During the Season we will randomly send each other messages brainstorming how to run certain races. We go back and forth and just try to figure out the best strategy from a coach perspective and a player perspective.

FGL – What is the Shark’s biggest advantage?

Our insanely good looks and our impeccable taste in pizza.

FGL – What do you think needs to change on the team to help them perform at their best this year?

I think just having a year of GRID under our belts will help a ton. It’s not always the Team with the best skills that wins, sometimes it has to do with strategy and just knowing how all the races work.


Leila wants to say thank you VESL and Valkyrie Threadz for their continued support this past year! If you’re interested in playing on a Team like the Sharks, adding sponsors to your personal brand and having fun, check out the links below: