The Tampa Bay Brigade won the first ever FGL Season in 2017. Despite re-signing a strong core of their Championship level team, they are not slowing down in signing big name talent.

First is Alanna Fisk coming off an impressive 10th place finish in the Atlantic Regional despite being much shorter in stature than the rest of the field at 4’11”. Her strength to size ratio, and shorter leavers will equal killer cycle speed in gymnastics and lighter, high rep barbell elements. She is built for GRID and will no doubt make big impact in the League for the Brigade.

Not to be outdone, but with a much different skill set focus is strength specialist Clint Clemens. Clint was introduced to GRID through the first ever GRID 6 and has been hooked since. At 6’3” and 245lbs his soul purpose on the GRID will be to move heavy objects quickly. Boasting a lifetime PR 400lb clean and jerk, he’ll be a top tier strength specialist in the League.

While these two are some of the highest level of talent League, the Brigade still need many other athlete types to best position themselves against a maturing League of teams and growing talent pool. Coach Garrand says he is still looking for some very specific abilities:

“We really need a male and female that can fly up and down a rope climb.  We could also use a couple more people that love the quirky movements like double DB overhead squat, pistol jump overs, or med ball pull-ups. Beyond those specifics we need some depth in male and female gymnastics and probably one or two more utility players for each as well.”

If you are interested in seeing if you could contribute to the Brigade, or any other team, reach out to the team through their website or social media. Ask questions, see if you think you would be a good fit. There will never be an easier time to be a part of one of these teams and gain a ton of valuable experience and connections to benefit any area of competition and life.