Next up in our GRID vs CrossFit series is Andrew Morcillo.  The Team captain of the Tampa Bay Brigade wasn’t even sure he would like GRID…he’s always enjoyed “embracing the suck” (his words) of a longer CrossFit workout.


However, he excelled in the team environment and became a huge contributor to the mental preparedness of the team as much as his wide ranging physical contributions.

Read more about the Brigade culture and Drew’s take on GRID:

FGL – We heard you moved, how does this affect the team?  

The move definitely shook things up for us, not being so close to the rest of the Team (which was a big part of the chemistry we had) and the ability to get a good chunk of the Team together for dry runs before matches helped us grow. I don’t think we’ll lose our mojo, may take a few races to get it back but we’ll remember what made us inaugural FGL Champions!


FGL – What is your athletic background?

Just played a few sports in high school, stuck with wrestling the longest and really enjoyed that. Also was on a travel flag football team for a year or so.  We thought we were the best…we were subpar.


FGL – What is your favorite part of the sport of GRID?

My favorite part about GRID is the intensity. At ‘Standby… Race’ it’s mostly a blur, only getting chances to really see what’s going on either before or after you go out to do your work. Not that I would rather be watching – I love playing, it’s just cool to see such a large group of people performing so close and at such a high intensity.



FGL – What does it feel like to being a generalist in a close race?

Being a utility player you’re always chomping at the bit, waiting in the flanks to get back out there. Now, add in the “close race” factor and I couldn’t wait for my turn, luckily we have amazing athletes on the Brigade so most of the time we knew what was about to go down out there!


FGL – What is the Brigade culture like?

Our “culture” on the Brigade is so awesome, I mean we have everything from Cops and Military men/women to your local P.E. teacher. Misfits, we’re just a bunch of misfits that have fun working out and even more fun poking fun at each other, it’s really hard to put in words. You’re either in it, or not.


FGL – How is GRID different than CrossFit?

GRID is different than CrossFit in that you can almost nail down what’s going to be at a comp or event. With GRID you’re not really sure. Are they asking for backward roll to support or pistol squat over pole this week. I mean, some really high caliber moves. It’s actually really exciting seeing the race layout.

FGL – Do you know anyone you think should play in this League? Why?

Everyone!! You never know if you can snag a spot on these Teams if you never try.


Drew would like to thank his sponsors All Out Athletics and RX Chiro. If you’re interested in playing on a Team like the Brigade, adding sponsors to your personal brand and having fun, check out the links below: