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Tampa Bay has a new sports team in town thanks to Rob Corman and Chris Garrand of St. Petersburg.  The Tampa team will play in the FGL Season which consists of GRID teams representing cities in Florida competing in a regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship for a $20k Grand Prize.   Learn more about the FGL Season here.

The Tampa Bay team joins the FGL’s first signed team from Miami, which means the two largest markets in Florida are represented for the 2017 Season so far. Additional potential team markets include (but are not limited to) Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples. Large markets such as Miami and Tampa may even support two teams.


With an upcoming GRID 6 coming to Tampa in May, the Tampa team (name TBA) will be scouting to see local talent as it applies in the sport of GRID. It will also be a chance for athletes interested in high level GRID competition to demonstrate their skill sets to team scouts, as well as gain valuable experience within the sport.




Rob Corman brings a diverse background of management experience through the hospitality industry, as well as several years coaching in the fitness and CrossFit world. He says of the opportunity:

“We’re excited to be bringing the sport of GRID to Tampa Bay and creating a new outlet for a variety of athletes types. We’ll be looking for high character individuals; athletes looking to contribute to a team with challenging goals and objectives, and rewarding possibilities. A collection of enthusiastic, motivated leaders ready to push the boundaries of physical ability and teamwork. We look forward to serving our community through our involvement in the FGL.”

Chris Garrand’s leadership and team experience includes over 8 years in the Navy including multiple deployments, 4 years in law enforcement, as well as semi-pro baseball play right in St. Petersburg Fl. He states:

“With the wealth of talent in the Tampa Bay area I believe our team will have a great chance of success in the League. That said, my biggest reason to get involved is to open opportunity for a wide variety of local athletes. Since I started Crossfit I always thought there should be a way for athletes to take that next step and get them one step closer to the mecca of fitness. I believe that the Florida Grid League is just that. ”


If you are interested in being involved with the Tampa team, or the FGL Season and other team markets available, learn more here or email us to answer any questions you may have.