The 2018 Championship weekend features the Conference Championship matches on Saturday the 10th, followed by the Championship match on the afternoon of the 11th. In addition, there will be a GRID 6 event on each morning. Learn more about GRID 6 here.

New in 2018, Championship weekend will now feature an all-star match prior to the Championship match on the 11th.

The All Star match teams will be elected by a panel of team and League officials and may feature any players not present in the Championship Match. Each team will be co-coached by the head coaches of the teams that do not make the Conference Championships.

The winner of the All-Star match will give their home conference the advantage of picking the schedule order in the 2019 Season.

Championship Weekend will be jam packed with a family friendly, fun and exciting sports atmosphere with all phases of the sport of GRID. Secure your discounted spectator tickets today, or sign up your GRID 6 team and feel the experience of playing GRID yourself.
Roster Updates for Aug 26 Event

Roster Updates for Aug 26 Event

ROSTER UPDATES FOR AUG 26 EVENT Three teams have made signings to bolster their rosters due to some player unavailability for the upcoming event. The rule, introduced to ensure teams maintain competitive numbers, is as follows: Single Event Signing Rule: If a single...

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