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In 2017, six Teams played in the first ever Florida Grid League Season culminating in the Tampa Bay Brigade winning the Championship match.  Now, plans are forming for the upcoming 2018 Season with new Player Signing rules, expansion Teams, combines, an expanded Season, and more.  The FGL is looking for involvement in several areas.  

Own A Team

The League has room for two potential expansion Teams in 2018, one in the North conference and one in the South conference, and groups are applying now.  Requirements for an expansion team include a head Coach and Team Manager, either role may be filled by the Team Owner(s).  

Commissioner Mather Wiswall says, “the ideal candidates for ownership include a strong network in their region, ambition and leadership, and a desire to bring their community together while supporting athletes within it. Our current Team Owners range from gym owners and Crossfit coaches, to teachers, to full time project managers, to entrepreneurs. Teams are for profit and yield many benefits including a once in a lifetime opportunity for a truly rewarding team sports experience. We can’t wait to meet the next new contenders to take the FGL Season Title away from the Tampa Bay Brigade.” 

Existing team opportunity –

The Southern Conference Champion Palm Beach Elite made it to play against the Brigade in the Championship match of 2017, just falling short of the title.  For the upcoming Season, owner Chris Heuwetter is looking for a General Manager to help manage the Team logistics and personnel.  The GM would join the coaching staff in planning the Team Combine, signing players, communicating with the League and organizing match travel. Email jobs@thefgl.com if interested in learning more.

Other existing teams are looking for help in various roles such as coaching, marketing, ownership and management. If you are interested, fill out the form at this page and we will distribute your information accordingly.

To learn more about working with or owning a Team, visit thefgl.com/season.

Internship Opportunities –

The FGL Operators are looking for staff and interns to help planning and execution for events, marketing, sales and more.  If you have an interest in sports or entrepreneurship, check out the open positions at www.thefgl.com/get-involved.