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The Schedule

Each match ticket includes entry to both matches of the doubleheader – purchase to watch your team, stay to watch the competition.  Food, drinks and an incredible sports experience await you.

Individual matches will go on sale soon
Location:  Valor Fitness
  • Saturday June 8th – 4pm & 6:30pm
  • Saturday June 29th  – 4pm & 6:30pm
  • Saturday July 13th  – 4pm & 6:30pm
  • Saturday August 3rd  – 4pm & 6:30pm
Individual matches will go on sale soon
Location: Freakin CrossFit
  • Saturday June 15th  – 4pm & 6:30pm 
  • Saturday July 6th  – 4pm & 6:30pm 
  • Saturday July 20th  – 4pm & 6:30pm
  • Saturday August 10th  – 4pm & 6:30pm


For less than $10 per match, purchase your entrance to the entire Season.  Don’t wait – these passes will be on sale for a limited time only.


Why should I go to watch matches?

Here are just a few of our favorite reasons:
Support your local team
Family friendly fun – introduce your kids to a reason to stay fit and stay off the couch
Experience the “best sporting experience on the planet”

and there are many more…read some of the comments we’ve received from spectators at GRID matches 
“That was the best sporting event I’ve ever been to, hands down” 
“That was so much more fun than I thought it would be” 
“I had to drag my friend to the first match, but then she never missed a match the rest of the Season, it was so awesome!” 
“You know, you’re watching the racing and there’s so much adrenaline and you want them to win so much, especially when it’s your coach, it’s just awesome.” 

Schedule of the day

Each event is a double header, so all 4 teams in a conference play on match day
One match is at 4pm, one match is at 6:30pm
Doors to the first match of the day open at 3pm
Each match lasts about 2 hours
There is a 30 minute reset in between the 2 matches

Can I watch online?

We will do our best to film the races on Facebook Live – while we’d love for our livestream to be professional and perfect, we can’t guarantee we’ll have the resources to live up to our usually high standards.  If by chance you can’t view matches live, you can always stay tuned in to this page to keep an eye on the score.  We’ll also be sending out recaps of each match every week with the highlights so you’ll be clued in all Season with your favorite team as well as all of their rivals.